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With more than 100 million owners of a VR headset in the world, we are aiming to make Virtual Reality popular. The only way to achieve this goal is by creating platforms where users create and enjoy content without spending money on hardware. To accomplish this, we have been working for more than a year on Stitched, a mobile (and PC in the future) platform where users are able to create video content, individually or in group, directly from their current mobile phones, and display it in a 360 environment. Furthermore, they donĀ“t need a VR headset to live the experience.

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About Stitched

STITCHED will become a VR decentralized platform based on P2P and Blockchain technology where content creators and users will be able to monetize for becoming a part of the community. 

Currently, STITCHED is a platform that allows any user (individually or in groups) to create Virtual Reality experiences using video content and only their mobile phones (without the need for 360° cameras). In STITCHED, users can create video content (4 different videos) that are anchored to a Virtual Reality environment (called STITCHED Rooms) directly from their mobile phones. By having four walls per room, the creator or "owner" of the room can choose between uploading all the content - that is four different videos - or invite other users to upload their content to it.

Stitched will add some unique features to the VR spectrum, as 360 videos Live Streaming; News Rooms: STITCHED will have an AI system (Artificial Intelligence) that will be able to generate rooms that will deal with current issues inside and outside the platform and will show video reports on these topics from reputable sources; Meeting Rooms: This will create the possibility of organising meetings in Virtual Reality environments so that users can share information in real time, from Power-Point presentations to spreadsheets or 3D animations or Personal Rooms: a “private” room which will be available only to closed group of up to 3 additional users which the owner defines. Video content stored on a PC or mobile will be viewable and the owner and guests will be able to view it in real time together.

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