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StiB Decentralizes with Everyone in Mind

StiB's mission is to bring Cryptos to everyone! We develop innovative applications with smart contracts to provide solutions of trading and lending OTC/P2P plus instant settlements whether is it crypto to fiat or crypto to crypto conversions with ease of use + beautiful UI/UX, fatest speed + highest liquidity and the best security and privacy.

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23rd Dec 2019
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20th Feb 2020
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About StiB

At StiB, we develop Smart Contracts for P2P services like trading/ lending/ investing/ insuring/ etc... on our ecosystem primarily on Ethereum and Bitcoin to follow with Cryptos - Fiats then Cryptos - Cryptos conversions supporting the most popular conversion pairs with the latest development of the Blockchain. By building the best runway for Cryptocurrencies to take off and to have as many people as possible seamlessly access the newly diversified market. Our mission is Mass Adoption, with a focus on developing mobile apps that end-users can trade on-the-go anywhere and anytime locally or internationally. Our expertise will be developing Smart Contracts, to facilitate P2P services whether it is an instant exchange, a quick lending in fiats or even insuring a deal securely, safely and seamlessly.

In order to reach the goal of mass adoption, we have to address the simple questions on everyone’s mind: “What’s in it for me?” or “What’s my incentive?” and “Why getting into Cryptos in the first place?”  Bitcoin was considered by the uninformed media a bad investment, even though it had 10 years of profits and only 2 months of losses.  Many people never supported it , they called it “Rat Poison Squared” because there is nothing in it for them and there is absolutely no incentive monetarily and financially to at least study how it can benefit our society. We at StiB, never focus on the negatives and we applaud all the challenges that early adopters, investors and speculators... have taken in the first decade.We continue to venture into the unknown together with uncertainties of regulatory bodies around the world due to geopolitics. The next decade of Cryptos will be crucial to the success of the Blockchain while we focus positively on developing a Fully Decentralized Exchange all based on Smart Contracts.

By developing the simple Dapps (Decentralized Applications) to exchange Cryptos - Fiats quickly and easily with Commision-Free Escrow, we can realize the benefits of all traders from first timers to professionals. We will always try to combine the best of both whether it is Cryptos - Fiats and Cryptos - Cryptos or Centralized/Decentralized exchanges to make trading as easy as possible to all with the global P2P networks. To remove barriers to entry, we focus our efforts on developing amazing applications and on contributing to the Crypto Communities instead of focusing on monetizing by charging a fee of 1% or even 0.02%. This will ease the burden of getting into Cryptocurrencies at high premiums and attract more people in the long-term to use Cryptos which will be better for all. We want the get the Financial Freedom back in our hands “Your keys hence your money!” and only “Invest what you can afford to lose” in this early stage of the Blockchain development.

We decentralize without leaving anyone behind, this is what drives our team, it’s in our DNA. We believe in a better future for all, fair and square. We never charge a fee when our customers trade at a loss, meaning we have rainy funds to assist our traders.We will integrate financial inclusions and we will focus from Top Down to Bottom Up. Top Down by always try our best to creatively and innovatively develop the most comprehensive ecosystem and Bottom Up by always take into consideration our community to accomplish our mission without leaving anyone behind. We always strive to be  better technically, socially and humanly. StiB is simply better while other exchanges are worse than banks

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