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Stegos is a highly advanced and scalable blockchain for fully private transactions, trading, and messaging. Stegos is designed to protect users' data and metadata from external surveillance, while still being efficient, fast, scalable, and easy to use. Stegos protects user privacy using its unique Snowball protocol, which uses stealthed addresses, transaction pooling and a modified version of the Albatross protocol to ensure that transactions and messages are untraceable and unlinkable. The Stegos blockchain is secured using the gamified proof-of-stake (gPoS) consensus mechanism. In addition to normal block rewards, where validators are chosen weighted by stake, any active node is eligible to receive the random validator service award, a large payment issued every few thousand blocks and designed to incentivize broad network participation. Stegos provides users with integrated on-chain messaging and P2P trading via atomic swaps. All UTXOs are fully obfuscated, so it is impossible for malicious actors to even tell the difference between transactions and messages. Stegos uses pruning to remove spend UTXOs from the chain. Together with sharding, this will allow Stegos to process tens of thousands of transactions per second while still remaining compact enough to run on mobile phones.

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Multipurpose mobile apps and social media platforms have allowed millions of previously unconnected people to access online services and communities. However, they do so at unacceptable costs to user privacy. Conversely, blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms oer unprecedented privacy benefits, but are currently unsustainably slow and resourceintensive, making them inaccessible to the average user. We need a way to marry privacy and accessibility in a single platform.

The Stegos Privacy Platform (Stegos) combines a unique blockchain and token design to implement the first cryptocurrency that’s completely private, secure, ecient, and environmentally sustainable. Stegos is fully scalable and prunable, ensuring the chain always remains compact without compromising trust. This makes Stegos the world’s first public blockchain to oer secure and confidential data storage and transmission in addition to payment transactions.

Stegos extends this blockchain foundation to provide a platform for building privacy applications that communicate via messages sent with minimal latency. Our trusted application container (TAC) and privacy app store simplify the process of building and distributing privacy applications while providing additional security for users. Last but not least, Stegos marketplaces, chat, and red packets replicate the most popular features of modern multipurpose apps in a decentralized way, allowing users to transact and communicate in complete privacy.

Stegos is secured by the gamified Proof-of-stake (gPoS) consensus mechanism based on verifiably unbiased distributed randomness. gPoS allows anyone to run the Stegos blockchain from their pocket and earn tokens for maintaining the network, even without a high stake. This encourages an extremely wide user base by ensuring that mobile users are properly incentivized to validate the network.

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