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Milestones Statizex

Trading Platform

We defined our development strategy based on empirically acquired knowledge and on the analysis of the work of existing platforms. We spent a lot of time, effort and money developing the statizex platform, faced many challenges and solved many technological issues during its creation, this allowed us to develop a trading platform that fully meets the modern market requirements and high modern technological standards of speed and safety. The concept of the Statizex exchange Is in the complex approach to the creation of a structural product. On the one hand, it is stable work with a decent level of security, high transaction speed, convenient interface - understandable to beginners and useful for professionals, availability of the most popular cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, this is a constant technological development, listing of new cryptocurrencies and the development of a new functional - such as a mobile app, a merchant account, etc. Our team created the statizex exchange in order to develop the best service for trading cryptocurrencies. At present, it Supports more than 40 cryptocurrencies pairs. In total, 40 pairs it will live for trade very soon on To ensure an adequate level of liquidity, the modules - «liquidity aggregators» were developed on the statizex trading platform, which allow to maintain and provide the proper volume of trading instruments presented on the Platform. We have created a hybrid model of data transferring, processing and storage that involves processing of the data on several levels to ensure maximum speed and security. We are in active communication with cryptocurrency funds and private traders in order to form an initial pool of professional Model Traders. We have a solid marketing strategy which will ensure a successful launch of the platform. We know exactly what is needed for both investors and traders. We will create synergy and a mutually beneficial investment environment. We provide simple logic behind the value creation for the Statizex(STAT) token. It's easy to understand and evaluate its future growth. Unlike many ICO campaigns, we are not just creating another useless cryptocurrency in an already crowded market. We provide the ability to become a member of the successful platform and benefit from the token price growth. We have an excellent, competitive team creating a revolutionary product and will cope with any difficulties down the road. In order to provide incentive for IEO participants Statizex will be implementing a token repurchasing plan. At the beginning of each quarter StatizexExchange will use 20% of its profits to buy back Statizex Tokens. 20% of the allocated amount will be available to the outstanding supply. Tokens repurchased from this program will be burned and publicly available for validation on the blockchain. This program will continue until 50% of circulating supply has been repurchased and burned. However, notwithstanding the foregoing, Statizex reserves the right in its discretion to suspend or cancel this program at any time and from time to time on advice of its legal counsel that the program may necessitate a regulatory license, registration or other approval or may otherwise result in a significant regulatory, legal or taxation problem or burden in any jurisdiction

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IEO launchpad
Price in ICO
0.1000 USD
Restricted areas
ICO start
10th Oct 2019
ICO end
24th Nov 2019
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Q4 2019

IEOand Exchange Marketing, Publications PRE-IEO Begin.

Q4 2019

IEOBegin and List on big Volume top Exchanges of crypto Industry.

Q1 2020

statizexIEO hosting Platform launch.

Q2 2020

Platformimprove-ments. Mobile App development.

Q3 2020

Marketing,Promotions undefined useful Partnership programs.

Q4 2020

Announcementon Exchange by RundefinedD Team.

Q1 2021

Ongoing R&D to provide more Unique Functionality.

Q2 2021

Developand Launch Features as per the Market Trend.

Q3 2021

Partnership,Promotion, Events, Marketing and whatever it.

Q4 2021

takes to be on top 10 Exchange by Q2 2021

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