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Milestones Socratescoin

The Revolutionary Global VR University

SocratesCoin is the the currency of the knowledge industry. Based on a Ethereum blockchain open source platform, SocratesCoin provides a transparent and secured distributed ledger data infrastructure. It is the currency of choice for Nauka World.

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Price in ICO
1.1100 USD
Restricted areas
USA, China
ICO start
11th Feb 2018
ICO end
10th May 2018
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Dr Alfred Hasselbacher - President and Founder of NAUKA envisioned the concept of a virtual
science university. This concept might be considered normal in 2018 but it was revolutionary,
years ahead of its time in 2000.

2000 - 2006

Formulated the structure of the University, the creation of the education plan for every Faculty and recruited key nstakeholders.

2006 - 2016

Create a network of more than 6,000 scientists (mostly Russian), from varied disciplines
working on the transdisciplinary model.
Creation of a new social - economic model of dignity and life-long learning.
Creation of the project of “free energy” for the whole world - substantiated and supported by
UNESCO. In its way as revolutionary and disruptive to many industries as driverless cars and
so on. A tremendous boon to both mankind and industry.
This is an early Socratescoin investment project to bring to the market.
Started and refined the process to secure funding for a virtual university when few if any
understood the meaning of ‘virtual’, thought science was dull also there wasn’t yet the
technology to deliver the training, creation of on-line community and much more.

Q1 – Q2, 2017

Formulation of new business plan centered around new direct response, automated mtechnologies also community platforms and processes. Together with associated expertise.
Collation of all intellectual property.

Q3, 2017

After selection process agreed a Preferred Status with executional and funding partner.

Q4, 2017

The allocation and issuance of Socratescoin on the Ethereum blockchain on 11 11 2017. Exclusive coin allocation for the knowledge sector. Sign Agreement.

Q1, 2018

Research then selection of MVP for the learning platform as interim phase.
Identify the tools and process to build a learning platform bespoke to and exclusive to NAUKA.
Selected by Big Point Player (BPP) as their exclusive partner investor.
BPP is a unique personal development/personal growth training methodology centered round
people’s passions. Targeted primarily at amateur competitive sports people. NAUKA can
uniquely scale up BPP.
NAUKA Sports take shareholding into a community building sports app – facebook developer
approved. Synergies with BPP go to market strategy.
Jointly created Coin Assurity, solving one of the large problems in the crypto-currency
marketplace. Socrates release of white paper (21 Jan), leading to pre sales (21 Jan – 10 th Feb).
02 – 04 th Feb in Marbella, the presentation of Socratescoin as official sponsor at the Spain vs
GB Davis Cup (tennis).
Official ICO start 11 th Feb – 11 th April.

Q2, 2018

April Socrates Coin global trading.

Q3, 2018

Big Point Player launched on NAUKA designed VR platform.

Q4, 2018

Launch of NAUKA University on the learning platform. All courses paid for by Socratescoin.

Q1, 2019

Science to Industry - A dedicated venture bringing selected science through a process to become new technologies. Science to Industry is a specific area within NAUKA World which will build an eco-system of IP, Investors/Development capital , manufacturers and end users.

Q2, 2019

The securement of historical sites around the world for the creation of physical NAUKA Universities linked with bespoke ‘resorts’, commercial developments.

Q3, 2019

Conclude ‘partnerships’ with various blue-chip companies that are at early stages of discussion.

Q4, 2019

Licence Agreements signed and revenues start for Science to Industry. Discussions commenced Q1 2018.

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