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Foresee the Future of Insurance

SmartInsurProtocol (SIP) is a smart insurance community built based on Blockchain with AI insurance robot at the core. SIP is born with gene combined AI, Insurance and Blockchain that are brought to it by a top level team gathering a postdoctor of AI from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, a Blockchain specialist from PingAn Group, and senior management and product specialists from world leading insurance companies. The insurance robot Aimi is among the top level of Asia and it is the first robot in the industry that is able to understand insurance policies and answer upto a million types of questions, thanks to Aimi's AI engine based on an insurance knowledgegraph with tens of millions of nodes.

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2018-04-01 - 2018-07-01
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About SmartInsurProtocol

SmartInsurProtocol, an insurance underlying chain based on public Blockchain protocol, provides smart contract marketplace for insurance carriers to launch and sell insurance products, for applicants to apply for insurance and claims, and certifies, manages AI learning. Therefore, all contributors in this community will add up to the development and achievement of this insurance underlying chain and benefit from it.

We have utilized Blockchain technology to streamline the procedure of application, policy and claims handling. This insurance underlying chain connects insurance players of all areas from around the globe. In this truly decentralized insurance marketplace, all purchasing, claims and other actions are fully traceable: salespersons, agents, all intermediaries and actuaries worldwide are able to launch their own products, applicants worldwide are able to purchase and make claims, underwriters and claims specialists worldwide are able to provide professional services, and investors from around the world are able to make investments in insurance industries. Every participant can create and train their own robot by inviting other members’ assistance and finally obtain exclusivity of an AI robot after Blockchain certification and enjoy the profit of the robot by sharing insurance knowledge, experience, or servicing assureds more efficiently and professionally. The combination of insurance underlying chain and AI robots will dramatically reduce costs of manpower and cost of circulation through multiple layers. In this way applicants are better protected by capitals and brings capital, service providers and applicants closer together.

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