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SmartProgress is a complex tool for achieving goals, that helps set the goal correctly, split the goal into steps, keep a diary of achievements, find like-minded people with similar goals. SmartProgress can also provide an assistance from a coach who will be accompanying and support the user in the process of achieving the goal.

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22nd Oct 2017
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21st Nov 2017

About Smart Progress

The project has been progressing for 5 years, and is currently experiencing technological limitations of upscaling and further development.

The project grew and evolved, new features being constantly originated and layered on the previous ones, which has ultimately led to the functionality weighting and further development complexity, not to mention the fact that for 5 years the stack of technologies for web development has radically changed.

This upgrade will significantly speed up the site and lay the groundwork for the project further development and scaling.

Development of new mobile applications.

The primary mobile application of SmartProgress project was developed back in 2013 and has not been updated since then due to the lack of funding for its development. Now it is so outdated that it has become practically useless. But the demand for it is just enormous.

The availability of the up-to-date mobile application is the most common request in our admin’s mail. Over the past 5 years since the launch of the project, the distribution of desktop/mobile users has outbalanced towards mobile, which we are well aware of, so we realize the importance of having a relevant mobile application for the project to grow and for retaining our audience.

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