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Smart Investment Fund

Blockchain Trading & Managed Investment Portfolio

Smart Investment Fund is a new high yield dividend fund that will trade blockchain assets using a proprietary method of financial trading called Smart Volume Analysis (Smart VSA) and offers up to 40% per year ROI to investors through dividends and asset value appreciation. It is being offered by the creators of Smart Trader, a volume analysis trading platform with a decade of experience and custom algorithms that support thousands of traders every day. These AI algorithms have now been enhanced and tested against blockchain assets. The fund is structured to minimize risk; all funds are kept in USD, EUR or GBP when not involved in a trade, a prudent reserve is kept at all times, company assets are externally audited and published to the blockchain and investors are given voting rights in the direction of the fund.

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value of tokens sold in ICO
Price in ICO
2.5957 USD
ICO start
1st Aug 2017
ICO end
15th Sep 2017
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About Smart Investment Fund

Investors will receive 1 Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT) for each 0.01 ether that they invest. Each SIFT is not only tradeable, allowing investors to freely buy and sell SIFT in the open market, the fund also pays monthly dividends to its investors based on the fund's trading performance. Investing in SIFT allows you to easily become involved in the complicated crypto asset markets without the risk and technical barriers that are otherwise present. Even with a small investment it also allows clients to receive what we expect to be a fairly large monthly dividend payout each month. Our systems have been able to extract large daily returns with much lower risk thanks to our ongoing development of our unique trading methods and systems

In simple terms SIFT operates like this:

  • Clients invest in the ICO phase between August 1st and September 15th 2017
  • Once the ICO phase concludes we convert the ether raised into USD/EUR/GBP for investment
  • We trade cryptocurrency pairs (such as BTCUSD, LTCUSD) each day using our proprietary algorithms and systems
  • The profits of these trades are reinvested back in the fund each day
  • At the end of each month, half of the profits made that month are paid out as dividends per share to SIFT holders
  • The remaining half of profits stays in the fund to increase trading capital as well as the NAV each month
  • Clients will earn a monthly income from the dividends and will also be able to sell SIFT shares and potentially profit from the increase of the value of the fund itself
  • SIFT operations closely match how a traditional mutual fund is managed
  • During the ICO phase if anyone needs any help, we will be available to assist. We understand that this process may be somewhat confusing to first time ICO investors. The steps are similar to an investment within an IPO or a typical mutual fund. The funding process, while different, is actually fairly simple with a little help too.

Unlike other trading funds we have many unique advantages:

  • Our algorithms use a proprietary form of volume analysis and artificial intelligence
  • These algorithms are proven over 10 years in the forex and commodity markets with over 15,000 clients
  • We don't just determine blindly the trades we take - we know the likely end result of the trade, how long precisely to keep a trade open, and the expected profit for each trade we execute prior to its execution
  • We only trade pairs we have analysed and these are all detailed in our whitepaper - future pairs will only be traded subject to SIFT-holder agreement
  • All trades are taken by humans, the AI is there to support decision making
  • We never risk the entire fund on any single trade - a prudent reserve is always kept
  • Each cryptocurrency trading pair is risked assessed and weighted against the fund so that each individual currency also doesn't risk the entire trading fund
  • We report our asset values and trading account balances throughout the day and have these audited so that you can confirm our reported trades and asset values
  • Unlike many other ICOs offered, SIFT is based on systems and software developed over 10 years and already commercially proven
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