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Ratings Smart City Eco

Building smart solutions for online economy

Smart City Eco is targeting all mayor global economy industries, we want to provide smart solutions based on blockchain technology and target most lucrative. Tapping into global markets and multi-trilion dolars industry. Our platform will be solution for all mayor players in global online economy: Online-Shopping and E-Commerce worldwide is worth trilions of dollars, online gaming and gambling industry is a bilions of dollars industry, online gaming which has unlimited potencial, implemented in one online smart platform can bring a smart economy progress and development of new technology on top of it. On top of that add economy into the equation and you will create utopia for online consumers, with limited number of tokens, that can not be printed anymore on top of it and by number of tokens decreasing by burning the part of extra tokens, we have created solution for few of the worlds most prominent problems that is money, poverty, inequality in society. Help us join our journey.

6 5 expert ratings
Benchy 3.5
Review: coming soon PRO
Price in preICO
1 SCE = 0.01 USD
Price in ICO
0.0100 USD
Restricted areas
preICO start
6th Mar 2018
preICO end
3rd Apr 2018
ICO start
4th Apr 2018
ICO end
4th Aug 2018
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Mofassair Hossain
CEO and Founder Perhalic, ICO and IEO Advisor, Investor, PR and Marketing Expert
Rated on Jul 3, 2018

Team is Strong and Advisory board is looks great. I am little bit tensed about the vision as there are lots of projects in this area. I would love to see the MVP Quite soon. best of luck team.

slobodan culumICO team member replied on 4 Jul 2018
Thank you.
Brian Condenanza
CTO at Bidao - Stablecoin and DeFi on Binance Chain, Crypto Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker
Rated on Jun 29, 2018

Very strong team and advisory board.
I like the vision of this project, although I am not sure if it will be the winning vision since there are many competitors in this market.
If this ICO delivers its product, it will be a big financial success for its investors. Good luck!

slobodan culumICO team member replied on 1 Jul 2018
Thanks, the marketplace we are targeting is very very large, and currently in centralized setup there are also many competitors but structure of the platform i envisioned is to offer everyone opportunity to participate, that is why this platform will be a global one and once delivered and properly developed and advertised and in the stage we are confident it is perfect, will gain huge popularity especially on the Asian market we believe will be one of the main targeted areas for the operations of the platform, also there are a lot of other geographic areas which will find benefit from each part of the platform and sellers and other potential partners will want to exploit this popularity.
Nikolay Shkilev
PhD | Entrepreneur | CEO | ICO Advisor | Crypto enthusiast | Blockchain expert | Public speaker | Mentor
Rated on Jun 28, 2018

Very good team. KYC passed - is good.
Vision not bad, but there is still something to strive for.
Need improve the website asap in my humble opinion.
And White Paper very weak for me. Small information, no ROI etc.
As I told with founders and advisors they promised to me update all of this asap.
Will see. Good luck, guys!

slobodan culumICO team member replied on 1 Jul 2018
Thank you, we are aware of improvements we need to make and we will head onto them as soon as the conditions allow us to do so, site is made by me and that is why it lacks a little finish touch in design, our new website will come out live after the finish of ICO and we will have two websites, we will dedicate some of our team members for that task and we are already in talks on starting the works on it soon.
Ismail Malik
ICOCROWD Editor-in-Chief - Blockchain + Strategic ICO Advisory
Rated on Jun 30, 2018

Promising idea and Blockchain Tech utilization, like to se such projects appear on the scene with passionate team and good advisory board. The things which i don't like and my rate may be decreased later if it won't be fixed: very short detailed White Paper and project description, Waves protocol using and it's low adoption on the market, low quality web design and user experience. Wish you fix these shortcomings bit by bit and good luck!

slobodan culumICO team member replied on 1 Jul 2018
The Waves issue is discussed right now and we will make final decision soon, i honestly do not like Ethereum blockchain because of several issues, we believe Waves platform has all the benefits we already mentioned in whitepaper and everywhere and it is really the future of the blockchain and they will for sure set some standards, only question now to ask is will their CEO Sasha Ivanov deliver on it ( i do not like him either :D ) but i like the product he made and with proper advisors he can be number one in world of cryptocurrency, and that is not overstatement.
Stephen Walker
Head of Sales - Asia Pacific - Mapcite Ltd
Rated on Oct 15, 2018

I am not as convinced about the ability of this team to execute the vision as other experts are here. The skills are mostly around ICO and blockchain rather than business. Also, the skills of specific members of the team are very recent with them being rather junior just 2 years ago. There are good advisors on board. The vision is good but too large and broad in scope: I cannot see it being delivered especially as others are more advanced. Product is still unproven.

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