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Transcend All Boundaries

Millions of previously isolated people and businesses in Myanmar can now freely connect to the global economy through SKYBIT's payment processor and simple advertising platform. Anyone in Myanmar, regardless of age, wealth status or connections, can now offer their goods and services worldwide on the internet and earn an income (in Kyats) from customers across the globe. Additionally, charitable organizations in Myanmar can now campaign internationally to raise funds and easily receive donation payments from anyone in the world and for any amount, (even just 2000 Kyats worth) through SKYBIT. Small international payments into Myanmar were previously impossible or uneconomical. SKYBIT has now made it possible, and this opens up many new opportunities for the people of Myanmar. Using any device with internet access, every single person in Myanmar can now join the global economy without any restrictions and without needing to ask for any permission.

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20th Mar 2020
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21st Mar 2020
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SKYBIT aims to apply cutting-edge technologies to Myanmar in order to make a significantly positive difference to the country and the lives of its people.

We embrace innovation, open-mindedness, lateral thinking and creative ideas that can solve real problems and immensely improve efficiency and productivity in both business and everyday living. We are not afraid to challenge or discard antiquated thinking and beliefs that restrain progress, much of which still persists in Myanmar. We will disrupt the status quo in order to improve the country, its economy, and the lives of all Myanmar people who for so long have been denied a better future until recently.

We are building the groundwork for the upcoming paradigm shift of individual empowerment via freely-flowing global value exchange. Together, we have the potential to revolutionize entire industries and even create new ones in Myanmar. This will help to economically strengthen the country and in turn raise the standards of living of Myanmar society at all levels. The possibilities of applying innovative technologies to Myanmar in particular are profound, if given enough thought as we have.

Those who choose to remain with outdated systems and practices and refuse to adapt or explore can step aside to make way for the dawning of an exciting new era of mass social development in Myanmar that is driven by rapid technological advancement and leapfrogging. Join us in our quest to propel Myanmar forward and upward. The sky is the limit.

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