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Milestones Siglo

Everyone Should Have Access to Internet

Siglo facilitates digital and financial inclusion in emerging markets by creating an ecosystem of users and decentralized applications that use its protocol to accrue value and exchange it for increased mobile access and other goods and services. Internet platforms monetize consumer engagement and data for more than $100 billion a year. In Siglo, users accumulate this value by choosing to share their attention and anonymized interactions and then exchange it for mobile connectivity in the form of airtime top-ups with mobile operators. Globally, 72% of cellphones use prepaid airtime to stay connected. Siglo has already brought on existing applications and an extensive user base.

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Q1 2018

From day 1 when the Siglo Tokens are generated, and going forward, Siglos
will be convertible into app coins ( Coins from Day 1, any equivalent
in the future). This will be available on;
Escrow wallets for brands will be managed by app, through the Siglo Protocol;
Risk assumed by the app for holding the Siglo will be managed through
hedging, like an option strategy on an exchange. (No risk is assumed by the
brand, because when the brand is onboarded, their Siglos are translated
directly to app coins backed by inventory of products.).

Q1 - Q2 2018


Groundwork to launch into new markets in Latin America;
Grow Siglo teams across development, operations, and marketing;
Product development to be ready for more aggressive scaling in Phase 2.

Q3 - Q4 2018


Build in-house wallets for protocol app users to exchange their app coins
for other app coins with the Siglo ecosystem and to allow transfer between
users. (Possibly allow for transfer in/out to external exchange.);
Provide self-service brand access panel for wallet and real-time analytics;
Develop P2B (peer-to-small business) network, so informal small
businesses that are currently operating offline and unbanked can participate
in the digital economy and accept payments from Siglo app users;
Develop P2A (peer-to-app) smart contract that allows users to establish
a unique identity that declares their ownership of personal data. Network
users will be able to receive Siglo Tokens and reward points from brands
who purchase access to consumer data, and users will control with which
brands they share their data.

Q1 2019


Release open source Siglo protocol for white labeled versions of
and/or other apps with similar digital and financial inclusion goals.

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