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Everyone Should Have Access to Internet

Siglo facilitates digital and financial inclusion in emerging markets by creating an ecosystem of users and decentralized applications that use its protocol to accrue value and exchange it for increased mobile access and other goods and services. Internet platforms monetize consumer engagement and data for more than $100 billion a year. In Siglo, users accumulate this value by choosing to share their attention and anonymized interactions and then exchange it for mobile connectivity in the form of airtime top-ups with mobile operators. Globally, 72% of cellphones use prepaid airtime to stay connected. Siglo has already brought on existing applications and an extensive user base.

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About Siglo

Siglo is a protocol that facilitates the use of mobile applications to accrue value and exchange it for increased mobile access and other goods and services. Users accumulate this value by sharing information, attention, and engagement with Siglo brand partners, and then exchange it for mobile connectivity in the form of airtime top-ups. Mobile apps built on top of the Siglo Protocol monetize the use of data with the consent of users and pass these earnings back to the user.

The initial offering of Siglo Tokens will fund the expansion of the platform, which shall tokenize access to airtime, and develop the Siglo ecosystem in new and existing markets. As the user base grows, our datasets become more robust and brands’ demand for this data increases. The Siglo Protocol will facilitate unbanked users’ increased access to networks and the creation of decentralized mobile networks that are incentivized, encouraging access to populations which were not previously covered by mobile networks. Network providers without major infrastructure would have the ability to provide services and still charge customers without having a traditional OSS/BSS stack. The use of blockchain and smart contracts allows Siglo to redistribute the value to the creator of the data, the consumer, in a fair manner.

An active Siglo ecosystem will exist from day one through the Piggi Android app, which has 1.1 million registered users and 200,000 monthly active users in its first two markets: Mexico and Colombia. Millions of off-chain (i.e. not written to the blockchain) transactions have been made by users in the last 18 months using the existing off-chain data reward point, called the Piggi Coin. Now with the Siglo Protocol, the ecosystem uses the blockchain and smart contracts to manage this relationship between the app, users, and brand sponsors.

Siglo is the key to accelerating the growth of digital economies in emerging markets. A Gibraltar company, Siglo Limited, will administer its token and work to promote and expand the ecosystem. Farrow Ventures, Inc., a Delaware C-Corporation, owns and operates Piggi, the first app built on the Siglo Protocol. Once initial milestones are met, the token ecosystem will be expanded to include other apps that use Siglo’s open protocol.

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