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Share Internet Data

SID (Share Internet Data) is a peer-to-multi-peer decentralized internet sharing system that allows sharing internet from one person's Android smartphone to another nearby in an automated manner. One of our key missions through the SID project: “To lift as many people as possible out of poverty by means of giving the less fortunate a way to access the Internet”. Certain users will be able to get free Internet access by obtaining tokens in exchange for consuming advertising. Such obtained tokens can then be used to consume internet megabytes from other nearby Users in exchange for tokens OR Users will simply trade some of their tokens directly with other SID Users. Those trades will be done through a secured blockchain, on a public exchange to ensure full transparency, with the control of the tokens and the control of sharing internet or not fully decentralized, meaning solely under end-user’s control through their post ITO (Initial Token Offering) future token Wallet in the SID App.

7 6 expert ratings
Benchy 3.9
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USA, China
preICO start
15th Jun 2018
preICO end
1st Nov 2018
ICO start
15th Nov 2018
ICO end
31st Mar 2019
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Igor Karavaev
Blockchain Enthusiast
Rated on Jul 15, 2018

The overall idea seems reasonable and blockchain can really help the project flourish. But no competitive analysis available in the WP. Also chapter 6 of the WP does not convince in terms of reliable business planning as it has only some old testing data. The rating can be improved after proper clarification

Jose MerinoICO team member replied on 18 Jul 2018
Thanks for the opportunity to respond with the information you are looking for as those are information that we have in document for internal because the WhitePaper would become a very thick document otherwise. We are quite happy to share it for those who want that info. Here is the cut paste of the "COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS": The pictures are unfortunately not taken as this field is only text but quite happy to email it to any who asks for it at [email protected]
Basically ask me by email the paragraph 4 of our internal Business Plan (77 pages internal use only doc) pages 17 to 25.

4. Industry Analysis
4.1 Market Summary
SID ́s ultimate goal is to become a global ecosystem, accessed through its apps or through the mobile devices and its SDKs licensed to 3rd parties, such that it can fulfil its purpose of creating a global free connectivity ecosystem. Nevertheless, the motivation of the users to download the app will vary depending on their different cultural, economic and political circumstances. Given this, there are two target markets that will be taken into account when defining the expansion of SID:
Copyright 2018 – Share Internet Data (SID Limited) Strictly private and confidential
Developing countries: The current number of Internet users worldwide is about 3.7 billion users, which represents only half of the world ́s population. Nevertheless, the percentage of penetration vary in the different continents, and while in the developed countries the rate can be between 68% and 88% in Africa for example it drops down to just under 28%.
According to "Connecting the World", a May 2016 report published by Price Waterhouse Cooper for Facebook, “For the last half-billion (without internet) disruptive technologies: Technological innovation will reach the remotest and the very poorest.” That same report also states “Price cuts of an average of 70% are needed to enable 80% of the global population to afford 500 Mb monthly of Internet usage.” We at SID are committed to also help the poorest and will provide free internet access add based or allow add-free by a marginal payment. report.pdf
We are also investigating the impact to our financial projections to allow for a marketing and commercial plan providing all SID users a minimum monthly free internet package, accessed through any SID network (be it through Wi-Fi of the SID network, Partners Network as Dunkin Coffee Spain or others, and through any nearby SID users connected to a Wi-Fi or even a Mobile Network). This exercise we are doing is because SID is committed to contributing of lifting as
Copyright 2018 – Share Internet Data (SID Limited) Strictly private and confidential

many people as possible out of poverty by giving them a way to access the internet and thus form part of the sharing economy.
A separate report of the World Economic Forum validates one of the key corner- stones of SID’s company objectives, namely to help the poorest to obtain free internet access, that report states that if the remaining part of the population gain access to the Internet, 500 million people will rise above the levels of absolute poverty and $6.7 trillion will be added to the global economic output. the-global-economy/
Part of the reasons for the lack of access has to do with the cost of coverage, speed, the capacity of the existing infrastructure and the need to implement a new one where none exists.
The same report prepared for Facebook says that the offline content distribution, including through the exchange of national and regional data would improve access and affordability for another 170 million people.
Developed countries:
The present generation of young people is literally "plugged ̈ into the Internet. Their lifestyle is digital and hyperlinked and they see the technology as the normal way to bond with others. For hundreds of millions of young people the technology and the digital environments are much more than an ingredient in their daily lives, they are, above all, a distinctive feature of their personalities.
Given this cultural digital tendency, the lack of connectivity and the disconnection from the online world produce high levels of anxiety into the young generations.
They are demanding more and more data consumption every day, through new tendencies like youtubers (and millions of followers watching high definition
Copyright 2018 – Share Internet Data (SID Limited) Strictly private and confidential

videos again and again), musical content, social network influencers daily offering new content, and all this as a kind of instant high definition content.
Despite the low prices, “unlimited” mobile data plans and agreements about roaming costs are not enough to satisfy this demand, and it’s a fact that in the US day by day, the monthly Wi-Fi’s share of phone data traffic percentage consumption continues to rise more than mobile data traffic % consumption.
The above graphical data shows that app-based time on Wi-Fi continues to rise and overall is more than 50% of total time spent accessing apps on phones. continues-rise/
The ubiquity of Wi-Fi (especially in the US) has reduced cellular traffic and profitability over the past couple of years
This fact makes SID the perfect solution for those multiple situations where the users can ́t access their usual Internet sources, even in the most developed countries, not just for connectivity reasons but for economic too.
Copyright 2018 – Share Internet Data (SID Limited) Strictly private and confidential

4.2 Market Needs
The Internet is not only a social tool but has become pervasive, a fundamental part of daily life, that influences in great part the global economy, education, communication and health. Low internet penetration significantly impacts a country’s ability to participate in the digital economy, which is becoming an increasingly important priority for development. A better connectivity would mean a big economic growth, millions of new job opportunities, improvements in the health care that could save up to 2.5 million people and increase the life expectancy in general. SID is clearly a perfect fit to be a part of the solution to the internet connectivity improvement by participating in the sharing economy as Uber did before them, by sharing internet through SID.
4.3 Market Trends
We stand to benefit from some specific market trends:
-The number of smartphone users will grow considerably within the next few years: The number of smartphone users is forecasted to grow from 1.5 billion in 2014 to around 2.5 billion in 2019, with smartphone penetration rates increasing as well. Just over 36 percent of the world’s population is projected to use a smartphone by 2018, up from about 10 percent in 2011.
-Mobile browsing is taking over desktop devices: according to “Digital in 2017 Global Overview” report from ̈We are social ̈ and “Hootsuite”, mobile browsing currently accounts for half of the world’s web traffic, noting a 30 percent increase
in mobile usage year-on-year. On the other hand, laptop and desktop devices mark a 20 percent decrease in usage, dropping to 45 percent of the entire web traffic around the globe.
Copyright 2018 – Share Internet Data (SID Limited) Strictly private and confidential

-The most common smartphone and Internet users have well developed community feeling influenced by their age and environment which makes their social circles bigger than in any other stage of their lives, and they are more willing to share with their communities in order to maintain their social status.
4.4 Market Growth:
According to the June 2016 Cisco ́s five-year rolling forecast on Internet traffic growth, there will be over 1.1 billion new Internet users by 2020, rising from 3 billion in 2015 to 4.1 billion in 2020. The majority of new internet user growth will occur in low and middle-income countries in Asia where nearly 700 million new internet users will connect. This growth is primarily driven by India and China, where over 276 million and over 238 million users respectively, will connect. But other countries in Asia will see significant internet user growth, such as in Indonesia, where over 87 million people will start connecting to content and services over IP-networks.
Copyright 2018 – Share Internet Data (SID Limited) Strictly private and confidential

23 over_b_10603196.html
As a region, Africa and the Middle East have the fastest growing population of internet users with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.8%. Over 178 million new users will connect in the region. Central and South America will also see a substantial rise, with over 109 million new users connected over the five- year time period.
Copyright 2018 – Share Internet Data (SID Limited) Strictly private and confidential

Despite the progress being made in global connectivity, by 2020 there will still be over 3.6 billion people not using the internet, the majority of whom will be lower income and/or in rural areas. For the majority of these 3.6 billion people, internet service will be unaffordable or internet service providers may not find it commercially feasible to build access infrastructure in their regions because low economic returns to their investment. This lack of connectivity will further exacerbate existing inequalities for the economically disadvantaged.
And the problem will continue growing parallel to population growing, as described in this article from Forbes: populous-nations-in-2050-infographic/#15c29a7e39f6
Here is where the FrinBox in combination with a SID Token SDK based incentive system could give a helping hand in rural or poorer areas, where one private or commercial internet connection could form part of the sharing economy. The FrinBox would be connected to the internet through affixed line or through a Mobile network and share its internet with any
Copyright 2018 – Share Internet Data (SID Limited) Strictly private and confidential

smartphone SID user that comes nearby and automatically connects and shares it further to others nearby. These users would consume advertising in exchange for Tokens (Vouchers) and trade those Tokens (Vouchers) between them. The owner of the FrinBox would receive the total amount of Tokens (Vouchers) equivalent to the total amount of MB used in aggregate and cash it in crypto money or convert it traditional currency, thus creating a viable profitable business for him whilst at the same time sharing internet with allowing maximum 10 directly connected to his FrinBox access point which is connected to a solar power supply or a mains power supply: minimum 10+(10X4)= 50 users, if at least (2Mb/s X 50 =) 100Mb/s is available) allowing only one ring of SID smartphones repeaters. If distance is more important than internet connection speed then, 4+(4X4)+(16X4)= 84 users could obtain internet connectivity of one single source if at least (2Mb/s X 84 =) 168Mb/s is available, otherwise the number of users will be limited accordingly.
Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D.
Blockchain | Tokenization Strategist| Whitepaper|Tokenomics | BD| Fundraising
Rated on Mar 27, 2019

→ Blockchain Advantage - ✅
→ White Paper - ✅
→ Team Composition - ✅
→ Token Economics - ⛔️
→ Business Model - ✅❤️
→ Social Media Presence - ✅
→ Collaborations & partnerships - ✅
→ Fund Allocation - ✅
→ Legal Loopholes - ⛔️
→ MVP/ DApp/ Working Product  - ✅❤️

Advantage - The WP is detailed. The idea is simple but explained meticulously. The CEO is quite knowledgeable and leading a vastly experienced team. They already have a working DApp which I recommend highly to try before investing.

Disadvantage - A proper tokenomice would make this much easier to grasp the need for tokens. Secondly, for places where tokens are illegal, say in India, the system isn’t clear how it will be classified and operational.

You can find my ratings methodology here-

Tinh Tran
ICO Advisor | ICO Communications Expert
Rated on Jun 8, 2018

I love the idea and it is also good to have a very strong team. This is an added value for investors.

Another good thing is that your apps is highly rated on Google Play with more than 100k installs. This is another point to convince investors too.

Good luck to the project.

Timo Trippler
Rated on Jul 1, 2018

The idea is great! The Team is very strong with perfect reputation for this project. The App has a lot of downloads. I tried the app and it works perfect. The product is still ready to work with Millions of clients.

Hugo Jacques
ICO Senior Advisor and Expert | Blockchain Consultant | Crypto Investor and Analyst | Speaker and Writer
Rated on Apr 7, 2019
Modified on Apr 7, 2019

Great potential with huge volume of users
Already attraction a lot of users on App on Google Play.
Concept will facilitate user experience in internet plan mobile.

Chris Butler
Chris Butler, Managing Director of Crypto Gambling Foundation, Seasonal Wardrobe Advice, CEO of URAllowance LLC, Co-founder ABP, IMMO High 1000,
Rated on Aug 28, 2018
Modified on Mar 23, 2019

I have been in communication with Jose Merino for several weeks now and I have looked deeply into this project. The team is more than capable and Jose's technical knowledge is far beyond what you would expect from a CEO. His background in building processors contributes to that, Im sure. SID users patented technology that not only works but solves a real problem that is present all over the world.
The product is available for download. I have had it on my phone for two weeks. I wanted to give it a test drive before I decide on my product rating. SID is going to be one of the top ICOs of this year, in my opinion.

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