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World's First Trusted Token for Sharing Services

ShareRing is an on-demand platform that centralizes the highly fragmented sharing economy by bringing together sharing services across all industries and geographies. Using our decentralized marketplace, users can securely access, connect, and pay for services anywhere in the world. We’re developing an ecosystem that is essentially the Amazon for the sharing economy.

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Benchy 3.9
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value of tokens sold in ICO

Price in preICO
1 SHR = 0.01 USD
Price in ICO
0.0200 USD
Restricted areas
USA, China
preICO start
29th Mar 2018
preICO end
5th May 2018
ICO start
3rd Jun 2018
ICO end
4th Jul 2018
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About ShareRing

ShareRing are the developers of the ShareLedger blockchain, a ‘smart service system’ that makes it far easier on a global level for millions of customers to access, and use on demand, a wide range of assets within the fast-growing sharing economy. ShareRing™ has incorporated a number of core elements that together create the smart sharing on-demand service system. These elements are:

  • A custom-designed distributed blockchain (ShareLedger), which is already in development. ShareLedger will be harvesting one of the most recent developments in blockchain technology, i.e. a dual token mechanism. ShareToken (SHR) will be used as the utility token of the platform, while the second token, SharePay (SHRP), will be used as the currency for sharing services. 
  • Aspects of a proven platform and API which are already being used worldwide in the sharing economy.
  • A clever, integrated smartphone app.
  • Ongoing mechanisms for creating a strong and growing network of providers and users

Features and Benefits that the ShareLedger blockchain platform will provide over traditional cloud/server hosting sharing platforms:

  • Quick and easy ‘sharing’ transaction validation.
  • Immutable records of data.
  • Additional attributes may be added to an account, such as ID confirmation, rental history, asset ownership, etc.
  • SharePay (SHRP) is used by customers to pay for the rental of assets. ShareToken (SHR) is used by providers to pay for their access to the ShareLedger blockchain, including the addition of assets, renting out of assets, adding attributes, adding smart contracts, and other features.
  • A provider can earn SharePay by renting out their asset (ie. car), and then use those tokens for example to rent an apartment, thanks to the multi-industry application.
  • Earn additional tokens by hosting a node.
  • Custom ‘rules’ may be added to assets or wallets to allow for various ‘sharing’ scenarios.
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Tim Bos
Rohan LePage
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