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Connecting traditional payments & cryptocurrency

Believing that the main problem for sellers and merchants to accept a cryptocurrency is both change resistance as well as core technology issues, we are proposing an innovative mixed solution with a clear update path to bring sellers to accept any cryptocurrency, anywhere, anytime. Giving crypto reward for each transaction help to demystify the crypto currencies across merchants and give them a real incentive to use our solution. Our Point of Sale can accept both credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

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1 SxP = 1.01493 USD
Soft cap
1,250 ETH
Hard cap
25,000 ETH
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Restricted areas
USA, China

About Selfpay

Taking the opportunity that, in Asia, the transaction fees are very high and always added on top of the final price, instead of proposing loyalty points to customers who are mostly tourists and will unlikely return, we are using those transaction fees to finance the SxP token masternodes and give our merchants and customers some rewards!

An existing product
Our product already exists (released in 2016) and is ready to be marketed and spread across Southeast Asia. We have a clear roadmap to ensure a product market fit at each step (offline sellers to online merchants).

A mature team
Our management team, composed of experienced and dynamic members and serial entrepreneurs, covers a wide range of skills.

Applying existing technology
We are building on top of other existing technologies such as using payment aggregators instead of setting up our own payment gateway, which is time consuming. We are leveraging the Ethereum blockchain technology to bring cryptocurrency transactions to small and medium businesses.

The right place
We are targeting Southeast Asia first - as an Asian-based team and company, we know that our product is the right answer to the local payment needs. Typically, SelfPay enables performing the critical step of entering credit card information on the buyer's device, helping to build up the trust that is needed to place such transactions in Asia.

A unique approach

Business-to-business (B2B)
While most of the projects are targeting Business-to-Consumer, we are also targeting Business-to-Business. We want to smooth up financial transactions between distributors, retailers and wholesalers by providing lower fees made possible by cryptocurrencies, but also by providing credit facilities, powered by other decentralized technologies.

Cross-border across S.E.A.
Business-to-Business cross-border payments in Asia happen everyday, although could be much improved: high fees, not working during weekends, high local bank fees, etc. It is slowing down the entire ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

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Julien Chalté
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