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The first marketing platform to tokenize rewards

Retainly is disrupting the way the world has been using Marketing Automation. Using Blockchain, we are building the World's first Referral & Loyalty Program.

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2017-12-07 - 2018-03-31
PreICO Price
1 RETN = 0.00083085 ETH
1 RETN = 0.00083085 ETH
Minimum investment
pre-sale 35 ETH
Soft cap
2000 ETH
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About RETN

Retainly is the world’s first Loyalty Marketing Platform that uses blockchain to processes rewards in cryptocurrency. With the fastest growing automation platform and more than 1200 businesses already using it, Retainly will soon capture the huge $200 Billion Loyalty market that has been left severely compartmentalised and with complications. Retainly solves the problems of both merchants and their consumers. Retainly creates a unified network of a global loyalty program that merge into a single consumer account, yet being able to maintain data privacy by exposing consumer data owned by respective merchants only.

Retainly’s Collie is a decentralized customer loyalty platform in plain words that provides all internet and traditional businesses with an easy plug and play loyalty system. Since all Internet businesses are not same, Collie has been developed keeping in mind the flexibility need. Customers can create their own custom events and set up a reward for each of their custom events. Collie automatically tracks these events with reference to each customer and allocates reward points. These reward points are then associated with the RETN Token Coin that can be exchanged for cash or traded for ETH and BTC. The entire event tracking and cryptocurrency backend are managed by Retainly.

Retainly's proprietary machine learning technology has built an algorithm for predictive analytics. This AI algorithm automatically assigns a dynamic score based on the customer's behaviour and engagement with the company. This Customer Engagement Score can also be used by Collie to reward customers. Needless to say, the biggest challenge of all businesses has been in reducing churn, cross-selling, and up-selling to existing customers. While the market provides tools that analyse customer behaviour and provide cohorts, pivot charts, and statistical analytics, Collie goes a mile further in creating actual value for the customers to become loyal with such companies.

Problems of Consumers

  1. Consumers around the Globe are facing incremental difficulties in managing numerous Loyalty  Membership Cards from different merchants.
  2. Most of the times the loyalty bonuses expire as consumers are not able to remember to redeem on time.
  3. All Merchants offer store credits or Discount Vouchers as Loyalty Bonus which the consumers have to redeem by purchasing more unnecessary goods.

Problems of Merchants

  1. Merchants have to maintain old legacy Loyalty systems which are more expensive than the budgets allocated to reward customers.
  2. Merchants offering store credits and discount vouchers fail to attract loyalty from their customers.
  3. Merchants are confused between Loyalty programs and seasonal sale discount marketing campaigns.

Problems Solved

  1. Retainly creates a single global network of Loyalty points for all types of merchants - offline and online.
  2. Retainly’s platform is inexpensive to use and to maintain, almost negligible to what the merchants are currently spending.
  3. Retainly allows merchants to offer cryptocurrency as an alternative to store credits.
  4. Consumers need to maintain just a single Loyalty Membership account and card.
  5. Consumers get their loyalty points into the single account no matter where they spend.
  6. Since their loyalty points is in Cryptocurrency, consumers can redeem it into their bank accounts as cash.
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