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Real Reporting, Real Blockchain - Proof of Media

Blockchain brings trust back to media in the age of fakenews. We have developed and launched an MVP app and web platform for User Generated Contents (UGC) a year ago. Today we already have 25k+ installs from 136 countries, and 100+ media clients of the platform. As a 'cross industry' solution we've started an ICO, based on our new blockchain based development. We are using Blockchain to verify and validate the content - against content manipulation. 4 'big fishes' are on the board as beta testers. We also have a detailed development plan for additional features (AI implementation and micro api s for sellable livestreaming contents). The initial funding raised through token sale will go towards development of our blockchain content verification, smart contract settlement and growing the UGC community and in return a 15% perpetual royalty right on all content sold through the marketplace will be awarded to token owners. We’re accepting contributions in ETH, XEM and XRP.

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Price in preICO
1ETH = 4,970 NEWS - 4,095 NEWS
Price in ICO
0.1140 USD
preICO start
22nd Oct 2017
preICO end
31st Jan 2018
ICO start
31st Jan 2018
ICO end
31st May 2018
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About ReporterCommunity

Blockchain in News industry.

None of the new media market players recognized the benefits of blockchain technology till the middle of 2017. Reporter Community is the first market player to integrate blockchain technology into UGC and to deliver reliable content to media and news agencies.

Cryptography-based data verification.

Enhanced authentication process where the content’s proof of existence is also stored on the public Ethereum blockchain to verify any further future copies for authenticity

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