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Quinto S.A. Sponsorship

Quinto S.A. ICO Jackpot Sponsorship

Quinto S.A. (“Quinto”) is a provably fair gaming system, built upon the explosive growth in online gaming, particularly on mobile devices, and has created a streamlined system for the lottery, dice, and bingo games. Quinto’s Lottery and Bingo games are also 100% pari-mutuel and this allows Quinto to offer enticing jackpots within these games. Our token is neither a security or utility token but designed as a sponsorship (event-driven backer) token. The majority (80.00%) of funds raised are kept in a cold wallet (“Escrow”) to ensure the ability to pay jackpot winners. However, Quinto will be purchasing event-driven insurance against the first QuintoBTC Lottery (based on fiat amount). Because of the volatility of Bitcoin, Quinto is unable to secure event-driven insurance based on Bitcoin. Sponsor liability is reduced upon each wager within any game, and a fee percentage is charged to the jackpot pool based on the probability of a game for reimbursement to the sponsors. Sponsors will continue to receive percentages of each jackpot as an incentive until all jackpots become self-funding for two consecutive games. 100% of QSA token distribution is for sponsors, as there are no tokens reserved for staff or administrators. Use of funds is simplified – 80% is held in escrow for guaranteed jackpot payout and 20% is administrative use to secure additional jackpot insurance and finalize the development of our gaming software.

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2019-03-10 - 2019-06-01
1 QSA = 0.00125 BTC
Minimum investment
20 QSA
Restricted areas
Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria
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About Quinto S.A. Sponsorship

The online gambling industry has exploded in recent years. With massive online access within most of the US, the gambling industry is quickly moving away from the proverbial Las Vegas, and into the living rooms of Americans.

As online gambling continues to burgeon, the need for a provably fair and verifiable system for players has continued to increase. Players want to participate in games that they can be certain are not rigged for their loss.

Correspondingly, the rise of blockchain technology has created a system that allows for trust, verifiability, and stability. By using technology to remove the middleman for verification, blockchain technology has made consumer fairness a reality.

Quinto S.A. is an online gambling site focused on offering patrons the option of provably fair and open betting structures within the lottery, bingo, dice, and scratcher categories.

Each game is structured as a 100 percent provably fair algorithm. Lottery and bingo-based games are 100 percent pari-mutuel. This unique structure offers the advantage of analysis and verifiability. Players select a game within the platform and place bets against the server.

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Stéphane Deuvaert
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