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PROVER is an Independent Assistant

PROVER is a blockсhain technology for confirming the authenticity of events and facts through the confirmation authenticity of the video on which this event/fact was captured. If the video is confirmed as real — the captured fact proved as true. This fact should be taken into account. Legal and financial decisions could be made, based on this trusted information. If the video is proved as being faked — the fact is untrue.

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30th Jan 2018
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31st Mar 2018
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About Prover

This technology could be interesting in all the industries, where is critical to know the truth: Fintech, when it comes to authentication of loaner’s identity. Banks and financial services providers can verify clients during the customer onboarding procedure with lower risks of identity theft. Clients can perform remote actions within the system.

Auto insurance, dealing with fraud of security addition in contractual terms. Clients can record video evidence in case of insurance loss for insuranceon demand and car sharing services. Insurance companies can receive video evidence of performed services covered by insurance (medical, repairs).
Simple video proof of ownership, working for bloggers as example. Individuals and organizations can store a timestamped video hash on Blockchain as a digital proof of ownership for original and authentic video content.

Public statements, to keep secure what is said before editing. Public speakers, celebrities and businessmen preventing reputational damage from montage, CGI and rapidly growing sophisticated machine learning algorithms and tools able to edit or generate fake video statements.
Crowdsourced media platforms, to keep ownership of actual content makers. Public and crowdsourced news platforms can validate the authenticity, exclusivity and timing of video news submitted by individual contributors.

Video platforms with user-generated content, of exclusive contributions. Both users and platforms can prove the authenticity and exclusivity of user generated video content and share monetization proceeds.

Online dating, keeping users from fake content. Users can be sure that they are chatting with a real person on video dating websites and services.
Outsourced reporting, carrying out remote inspection of actual performance. Employers and contractors can exchange authentic and time stamped work reports.
Accident reports, to proof someone’s position in court using evidence. Both parties involved in a traffic accident can rely on a video recording to prove authenticity of time, date and record of the accident.

Notary actions, allowing people verify video content without visiting special parties. Parties can maintain a Blockchain video database of trusted “handshake” agreements.

Home education and exams control, allowing remote authentication of online courses. Video recordings can be used to confirm authenticity of a particular person takingan online exam.

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