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Relying on third party services for something as critical and personal as email, photos or videos is dangerous. Companies can be hacked, bankruptcies can happen and users are left at the mercy of a few unkwnon power-brokers. For the artists that make amazing videos, games, music and other copyrighted content, giving up a large percentage of your revenue can be very discouraging. Plus content creators usually become locked-in to those centralized platforms with the overhanging danger of arbitraty rule changes cutting their revenues. Phantasma brings a decentralized content distribution system running on the blockchain, with strong emphasis on privacy and security.

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The recent advent of smart contract blockchain networks like NEO and Ethereum opens a huge opportunity for a vast new array of innovative decentralized services and applications (dApps). The dominant paradigm of the ’Cloud’ (cloud computing, storage, services etc.) can now be seriously challenged - decentralized systems are becoming increasingly competitive by giving two main advantages: ability to aggregate an immense set of disparate small economic resources (thus gaining economies of scale), and the increased transparency and freedom from not being dependent on a trusted third party (i.e. Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure).

This new computational and economic environment is however still in its infancy, and lacks a great many of the basic building blocks and infrastructure required for the full development and realization of decentralized applications, systems and services. One of the most needed components, is a service for customizable communication and data sharing between dApps.

To tackle these issues, we present Phantasma - a new generation of decentralized content sharing platform.

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