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Investing In The Future Of Our Beautiful Planet

Our aim is to provide viable solutions and products that will aid in reducing degradation levels suffered by the earth at the hands of conventional agricultural practices; such as the use of inorganic fertilisers and other similar chemicals. Our technology as such is focused primarily on green technology related products that will help preserve the earth and in the same vein provide sustainability to agricultural practices across the globe.

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2018-06-06 - 2018-12-31
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About Organicco

Organicco Limited is a company that was created following over ten years of research and development in green-tech products, and had an investment of more than two million pounds. Based in the United Kingdom, Organicco will be responsible for managing the funds raised by an initial coin offering and increasing the value of the Organicco token.

Focused primarily on green technology related products, the funds raised will be used to develop projects via our subsidiary companies for creating natural capitals such as organic fertilisers for food production, animal feed, biomass fuel, renewable energy and renewable fuels.

Our target is to produce these natural capitals using our patented technologies for generating a continuous cash-flow that will then be used to repay the capital investment with interest. Our end-goal, however, is to play a major role in the worldwide production of food using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods and in the production of renewable energy and renewable fuel.


We aim to raise funds through an initial coin offering of Organicco tokens. The funds will be loaned to our subsiderary companies and be used to develop opportunities in the green and agri-tech industries in the UK, Europe, Canada and South-East Asia. These Companies will be using our green technology solutions called ecoHERO and ecoDRYER, for producing organic fertiliser and animal feed from unwanted commercial organic material.

Small quantity biomass fuels will also be produced from mixed waste materials using yet another of our technology solutions, the ecoREDUCER.

In addition these systems will produce renewable energy and fuels if required.

As stated above the aim is to create natural capitals from unwanted organic materials.

We intend to continue to develop the business along these lines for the foreseeable future, as we strive to introduce innovative technological solutions to the ever increasing problems found in the agri-tech industry.

The extent of the problem was highlighted at a forum held in Rome in 2014 when a senior UN official from the Food and Agricultural Organisation gave the chilling forecast that if current rates of soil degradation continues all the world’s top soil could be gone within 60 years. This is caused by extensive farming methods including the use of chemicals and pesticides.

It is also intended to use our  initial coin offering to create a low cost and fast international payment platform based on blockchain technology, called easiPayer. Whilst there are several other cryptocurrencies on the market, we posit ourselves as unique because we will not be listing easiPayer tokens on crypto exchanges. Rather, easiPayer tokens will be backed by liquid assets, and its currency value will be determined by independent, reputable auditors. This will ensure that, since the currency is backed by actual assets, the price of the easiPayer token will not suffer the major instability affecting those cryptocurrencies not backed by assets, such as Bitcoin. This will enable us to accept all major fiat currencies through this platform in exchange for the easiPayer token.

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