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Milestones Open Longevity

Scientific approach to anti-aging

A new project in the field of biotechnology, telemedicine, clinical research and medical services is completing preparations for pre-ICO. Open Longevity is being developed to organize research on aging therapies in humans through the provision of advisory services to users. The ultimate goal is to find and introduce effective methods of radical life extension into clinical practice. Therefore, our tokens are called YEAR. Creating a platform, we combine the capabilities of modern IT-systems, the expertise of leading scientific analysts and the concernment of the patients themselves—members of Open Longevity community and future users of our online platform. It is important to note another driving force of the project—its openness and rejection of commercial benefits in those matters where this can affect the objectivity of scientific research. We are sure that effective ways to delay the onset of old age will be found—it is only a matter of time. Open Longevity wants to accelerate scientific research by involving a large number of people in clinical trials of aging therapies and creating an online platform for people to monitor health status, receive necessary recommendations from gerontologists, nutritionists and physicians to form a personal strategy for improving and preserving health.

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PreICO Price
100 USD = 1300 - 2000 YEAR
1 YEAR = 0.1 USD
Minimum investment
Soft cap
7,500,000 USD
Hard cap
35,500,000 USD
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Starting Q1 2018

Platform: The server part of the platform, API, allocation;
Implementing YEAR;
Patient card;
Collection of markers, analyzes and images;
Diagnostic panels;
Data statistics;
Access to foreign laboratories;
Testing + QA.
Diagnostics: Creating and interpreting new panels;
Introduction of new panels.
Text-based consultations.
CI. Launch of the first Longevity Diet study.

Starting Q2 2018

Platform: Integration with laboratories (data acquisition without input);
Development of iOS and Android applications;
Integration with Gadgets;
Customizable interface.
Marketplace: Creating a platform.
Diagnostics: BigData analytics;
Text and image interpretation.
Consultations: Communication with voice.

Starting Q3 2018

Platform: Loading external databases.
Marketplace: Creating an API.
CI: Creation of a platform for conducting CI.
Consultations: Video consulting.

Starting Q4 2018

Platfrom: Integration with medical cards.
Consultations: Rating system for doctors.
CI: Voting system YEAR;
Matching, selection of participants for CI;
Launch the second study.

Starting Q1 2019

Platform: Development of an external API platform.
Diagnostics: Creating a neural network.

Starting Q2 2019

Platform: Implementing ZeroX.
Diagnostics: Neaural network + PubMed;
Predictors of geroprotectors;
Neuronet + DNA;
Neural network + Images.

Starting Q4 2019

Platform: Social network.
CI: Launch of third study.

ICO KYC Report
Not conducted yet
KYC procedure verifies selected/specific team members only. It does not guarantee ICO success nor is a call for investment.
Missing or incorrect data? Let us know.

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