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A blockchain middleware layer

Omnitude is a radical concept in blockchain eco-systems. Utilising Omnitude as an integration layer between existing systems enables seamless blockchain integration for enterprises both large and small without the need to replace current systems.

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1 ECOM = 0.40 USD
Price in ICO
0.4600 USD
preICO start
30th Jan 2018
preICO end
16th Feb 2018
ICO start
28th Mar 2018
ICO end
4th Jun 2018
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About Omnitude

Omnitude is a middleware blockchain layer… a toolkit for businesses to integrate the benefits of blockchain technology into the commercial fabric of their organisations easily and cost efficiently.

We are working with a whole spectrum of progressive organisations looking to leverage the benefits of this new disruptive technology. 

Our customers include: Williams Martini Racing, The Maltese Government’s Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Luxury Goods and Food Retailers, Technology Businesses and Logistics Companies. 

All looking to incorporate new technologies to improve their operations.

Omnitude enables businesses to solve problems in ways that were not previously possible without the rise of blockchain technology.

Omnitude will help achieve:

•            The real time analysis of big data previously stored in data silos, allowing technicians to push, pull and merge data improving business performance.

•   The creation of transparent and accountable manufacturing and supply chains.

•   A significant reduction in eCommerce fraud.

•   The enablement of a single customer identity for use across any Omnitude connected eCommerce site.

•   Blockchain integration between enterprise systems such as ERP & WMS.

•   ... And many more solutions from Omnitude and the community built as Omnitude Apps.

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Chris Painter
Robert Belgrave
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