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We're a Blockchain ecosystem founded in the EU. is a public limited company (BV) registered in the Netherlands. The company’s legal entities are based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Since December 2017 we have grown to a team of almost 20 professionals. In early 2018, we began building our hybrid cryptocurrency exchange and Blockchain, NEXT.chain. Our primary goal is to make the act of trading cryptocurrencies safe, secure, and easy while not compromising on functionality. Together as a team, we are taking all of the steps necessary to provide excellent digital services and are taking necessary steps and measures to operate as a regulatory compliant company that caters to the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industries which maintains appropriate KYC/AML policies. Our goal is to acquire funding to amplify our operations in terms of development power, build upon the products outlined within this post, and scale our operations to move forward in achieving our business goals and generating revenue at a faster pace.

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20th Jan 2020
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28th Feb 2020
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About NEXT


We’re, a unique hybrid digital asset exchange launched by our team of business and technology professionals at B.V, a company founded and based in the Netherlands. 

However, is part of a larger digital asset ecosystem built by B.V which encompasses: offers a hybrid approach to the market by providing a digital asset exchange that utilizes the advantages of centralized and decentralized trading solutions combined under one hood for maximum transparency, security, and ease of use. All while remaining regulatory compliant, rich in functionality, and simple to comprehend for new market entrants.

  • Individual wallets for each user (exporting your private key is a planned, we know you guys want your keys);
  • Fiat gateway (USD, EUR, more to come) and pairings for assets listed on-exchange;
  • Support for a wide range of digital assets and blockchains;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Own blockchain (NEXT.chain) with ERC-20 like asset listings;
  • Automated staking of Proof-of-Stake based assets for NEXT holders;
  • Adequate fees of 0.20% for non-holders of NEXT, and 0.10% for NEXT holders;
  • No wash trading! (Liquidity provision is okay, but trade manipulation is not allowed, by us and of course, by regulators)

 Status: Released as MVP with community members testing. Stage-by-stage rollout during IEO. NEXT Lite (basic trading expected very soon)

NEXT.chain: our PoS/PoW expansion on the Bitcoin protocol

We used the Bitcoin Core protocol and expanded it with support for new asset creation, akin to ERC-20 token creation. Our assets will be of the 00X standard. NEXT.chain features Masternodes (25.000 NEXT used as collateral) that are entitled to seniority rewards and can participate in decentralized governance. NEXT.chain itself is a hybrid blockchain that combines both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanisms. This unique hybrid approach makes NEXT.chain secure against 51% attacks and creates a fast, cheap, and secure chain that acts as the technological foundation of our digital asset trading platform.

  • PoS/PoW;
  • Masternodes;
  • API integration for third parties;
  • Merge Mining;
  • Asset creation;
  • Governance;
  • Support for short memorable wallet addresses;
  • Instant and private transactions;

Status: Live Network (Mainnet), Genesis block mined on April 23, 2019, 100+ community launched Masternodes, 2,5+ million NEXT soft-locked.

NEXT.genesis: Blockchain-based crowdfunding platform with dynamic pricing. 

  • Support for both NEXT.chain and independent Blockchain IEO’s;
  • Accepted currencies: a selection from top 5 cryptocurrencies, fiat, and stable coins;
  • Support for multi-staged fundraising;
  • Marketing support for interesting projects;
  • Low IEO launching fees;
  • Guaranteed listing on following IEO completion;

NEXT: Our digital asset and lifeblood of our digital ecosystem.

Albeit difficult to label as a product, it is more than a currency and was originally deployed on the Ethereum blockchain but now migrated over to NEXT.chain, NEXT has an ocean of uses and utility unlocked on, applications on NEXT.chain, and NEXT.genesis.

Exchange uses:

Access to exchange fiat functionality post KYC;
Decreased (-50%) trading fees;
Priority access to trade newly listed assets;
Partial trading platform fee redistribution;
Automated staking of PoS assets;
Vote to list an upcoming ‘digital’ asset;
Reduced price listing fees;

NEXT.chain uses: 

Masternode collateral (25,000 NEXT);
Asset creation on NEXT.chain;
Merge-mined with BTC;

Launchpad uses:

Participation in crowdfunding.
As we continue to grow, the utility and use cases for NEXT will continue to be fleshed out and evolve.

And of course... A strong Community: During the course of our growth and development path, we have fostered a community of traders, blockchain technology enthusiasts, and experts in different fields. 

Reason and purpose of our IEO:

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) are a democratic and legitimate method for decentralized project financing. IEOs are hosted by digital asset exchange platforms that assist with marketing, investor onboarding and managing the crowdfunding process. In general, IEO’s carry a greater sense of trust and security. Having operated and developed our products for the last two years in the Blockchain market as a primarily community and social-driven project (our community actively participated in testing, feedback, and building our products), we are now at an ideal time to scale our operations. 

The goal of our IEO is to acquire funding to amplify our operations in terms of development power, build upon the products outlined within this post, and scale our operations to move forward in achieving our business goals and generating revenue at a faster pace.

Approximate targets and allocation of funds:
Onboarding of additional developers (6): approximately 500,000 EUR/year. (soft cap)

Acquisition of EMI (Electronic Money License) to provide our users with access to traditional banking infrastructure: approximately 750,000 EUR.

Acquiring applicable regulatory licenses for continuous operations: 50,000EUR

Acquisition of data center in the Netherlands for mining, scaling, and data operations: approximately 1.2M EUR, 500,000 EUR of which is used to acquire physical data center facility (real estate).

Partial acquisition of licensed stock exchange broker with applicable licenses: approximately 500,000 EUR, which will provide us with the ability to onboard securities and trade traditional financial instruments.

Further expansion and regional official launch in Russia, the USA, the Middle East, and Asia.

all capital that we receive above the funds required for the targets mentioned, will go towards the further global expansion of NEXT, including staffing, marketing efforts, and developments.

+ * Targets above not listed in order of priority

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