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NeoPlace provides a protocol to facilitate and disrupt cross-border e-commerce. Build your own e-shop and marketplace on the blockchain in a few clicks, promote your products world-widely and benefits from transparency, security and tracability with Blockchain and Smart contracts. As a seller, accept payment in crypto and reach more buyers and achieve higher margins with an ecosystem designed for that (native wallet, escrow account, global pooled inventory, affiliate marketing and selling. As a buyer, reach more sellers globally, spend your crypto and buy at a lower cost with group buying and benefit with an optimum transparency with no more fake reviews and with a better security and tracability of transactions with Smart contracts.

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About NeoPlace

Breaking the barriers for massive adoption of the cryptocurrency requires its use in daily life, especially through shopping for goods or services. From small and medium merchants to the unbanked population, cryptocurrency is a way to greatly expand globalization of e-commerce and make it more inclusive.

Designed to be efficient and scalable, NeoPlace protocol is an open protocol for cross-border e-commerce on the Blockchain, to enable any new and existing seller from other e-commerce platforms to participate in this ecosystem.

By building a global ecosystem, NeoPlace will allow any seller to create their own whitelabel e-shop or marketplace built upon NeoPlace protocol or use NeoPlace Market to boost their e-commerce business.

Sellers will be able to reach more buyers globally, accept any cryptocurrency, mirror their existing selling channels into NeoPlace and advertise efficiently with affiliate marketing. Buyers will be able to spend their cryptocurrency and discover a new way to buy goods.

NeoPlace’s proprietary Proof of State allows a standard and universal protocol to track each phase of the transaction through the intensive use of Smart contracts. It can be used in any e-commerce transaction for better, transparent and secure transactions between sellers and buyers.

With NeoPlace Smart contracts, transactions will be more transparent, secure and will ultimately lower the barriers to create an e-commerce business for anyone: manufacturer, craftsman, merchant, distributor, brand owner, influencer, freelancer.

The NeoPlace Token (NPT) aims to incentivize the community by rewarding the buyers with loyalty program, by providing extra services and solving dispute resolutions. On the other hand, sellers will be able to generate discounts, save on the transaction fees and use those savings for marketing services.

Most importantly, NeoPlace’s vision is to build an ecosystem, where the broader community can develop on top of the protocol, create new features and be rewarded accordingly for the value created. NeoPlace’s goal is to be the planet’s most open, most inclusive and most effective e-commerce ecosystem.

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