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Welcome to the content economy

Narrative is a Content Economy, generating rewards for content creators, moderators, and others who positively contribute to the quality of content on the network. Narrative is autonomous, transparent, and completely user-centric. Reputation scores and content ratings ensure that “bad eggs” have minimal impact and that quality users and content rise to the top (and are rewarded the most). The economic motive for Narrative is to reward all users who add value to the network.

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Benchy 3.2
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PreICO Price
1 NRV = 0.48-0.58 USD
1 NRV = 0.62 USD
Hard cap
40000000 USD
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About Narrative

It’s time to disrupt the business models for social media networks and traditional publishing. Narrative’s content economy will revolutionize social media networks and content publications. Its mandate is to put users first and to provide an economic motive for success by compensating members based on the quality and popularity of their content, and any positive contributions to the network’s ecosystem as a whole.

With a completely user-run governance system and a transparent approach to data, Narrative truly gives the power to the people and completely cuts out the middleman.

Content will live or die based on its popularity and the morals and opinions of the community at large. There will be no censorship by a monolithic organization, and the moderation that does occur will be enacted by users elected by the people.

Any while Narrative utilized blockchain and crypto to maintain its value, it is not a “crypto network”. Any user, no matter their experience or comfort-level with crypto can use and reap rewards from the network.

Competing with established social networks will not be easy, but with a reward system that is clear and demonstrated, there will be plenty of incentives for content creators (and those seeking great content) to find a new home. And while the powerful, proven technology of the blockchain will power the transactions, that same technology will not need to be understood for the average person to use the system.

The Organization will have three purposes- develop the software, provide and manage the infrastructure, and market the network. While the technology and business model will be revolutionary, the team recognizes that a major marketing effort will be required to reach consumers and it is prepared to execute on that. In addition, the Organization will be actively recruiting leading content creators to join the network.

The Narrative platform will be developed by one of the most experienced teams in the online community space, with core technology available from Day One via a licensing deal with Social Strata, in order to jumpstart software development.

The underlying technology will no doubt change and adapt over the years, but the central tenets of the system will remain- user autonomy, transparency, content ownership, and economic rewards, with the fundamental goal of putting users first in terms of management of the content and reaping the rewards of the system.

ICO KYC Report
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