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Blockchain Implementation Made Easy For Business

Enable Blockchain for your lending institution (bank, micro-finance organisation, or credit cooperative) in order to: Save on money transfer fees; Pay salary to your employees in cryptocurrency; Issue your own cryptocurrency or token; Acquire deposits and funding globally.

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About Narbonne

Narbonne – Finance App Platform.

Narbonne – Platform for users and business. You can start lending cryptocurrency to your customers without the need for a legal entity or complicated procedures. Launch your own crypto bank or peer-to-peer lending service on the Narbonne platform to work globally, without borders. The company’s head office will be in Switzerland.

Narbonne is currently the world’s only platform offering out-of-the-box automated solutions, from a payment system to an international bank.

Unique features:

  • An AI performs all the work necessary, on all stages of the lending process.
  • If you don’t have the initial capital to start lending, you can receive funding in Narbonne tokens to start your business.

Lending institutions based on the Narbonne platform can work as crypto banks or peer-to-peer lenders. Since they would be using cryptocurrency, there is no need for a banking license or a legal entity. A 100% automation and AI-enabled processes eliminate the need for physical branches and employees.

Narbonne’s long-term goal is to remove the economic barriers preventing entrance to the financial market, which is currently dominated by large and complex financial institutions.

It is exactly what Ethereum did for the smart contract market, and what Bitcoin did for the money transfer and safekeeping market.

To achieve this, we’ll use our extensive experience in online microlending, peer-to-peer lending and traditional bank lending. The Narbonne team has experience in creating microlenders from scratch in Spain, Germany and Russia. Narbonne developer team created software for 40 fiat money banks and online microlenders, in our Head company – AFK ( There are about three million people using the software that we created.

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