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Game Reward Engine.

Monetizr (Techstars) is the go-to platform for in-game economies. The Monetizr game reward engine integrates directly with games and reward gamers with MTZ tokens for their time and skill. The Monetirzr rewards increase play time and engagement, therefore increasing game developer in-app purchase and advertising revenue. Gamers use MTZ tokens in any participating game to purchase in-game items or physical game-related merchandise.

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25th Jul 2018
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25th Aug 2018
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25th Aug 2018
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25th Sep 2018
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About Monetizr

Monetizr is a blockchain-based Game Reward Engine. We reward gamers for their time and skill with tokens that can be used to purchase game-related physical goods or exchanged these tokens to cryptocurrencies that represent monetary value.

Gaming is a massive $100B industry with over 2B gamers spending $40B on digital currencies that are lacking real-life value. Monetizr enables the exchange of time and skills to tokens that represent real value. Game currencies are 27x bigger market than crypto.

Monetizr has created a game reward engine that places behavioural incentives along the game-play focusing on player first experience. Gamers are rewarded for their time and skill with tokens that can be exchanged to physical goods or cryptocurrencies, helping to drive engagement and revenue for game developer.

Monetizr has 3 patent-pending technologies. While gamers are playing mobile games Monetizr uses excess power of the mobile devices to mine cryptocurrencies using small hash rate. Gamers create wallets enabling to transfer earned tokens from one game to another, and trade them in an open marketplace.

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