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The SMART Investment Bank for Capital Markets 2.0

Current capital markets are inefficient and characterized by high fees, limited transparency and too many middlemen. Entrepreneurs are limited in their ability to launch compliant and legal STO's. Individuals have difficulty accessing cross-border secondary markets and banking services. MOBU is building the complete infrastructure solution for the next generation of assets. 1. MOBU supports companies that wish to raise capital – like an investment bank – through its digital security issuance platform. 2. MOBU provides secondary trading - like a stock exchange - through its regulated, almost instantaneous settlement, licensed digital asset exchange. 3. MOBU provides a digital cost-effective banking solution to everyday investors. And ALL this is done on the blockchain to ensure more automation and less middlemen to support corporate efficiency and interoperability!

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1st Sep 2018
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30th Sep 2018
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1st Feb 2018
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30th Apr 2019
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About MOBU

MOBU is a decentralised platform and end-to-end solution for launching compliant security tokens. Similar to how the HTTP protocol defined the internet, MOBU developed the MOB20 standard protocol that defines a set of commands that a security token should implement. Similar to how the $80 billion USD Ethereum platform simplified the process of launching a utility token, MOBU simplifies the process of launching a compliant security token. The MOB20 standard is the technical specification of a compliant security token and can be compared to a stamp of approval, quality or standard. If a security token is issued on the MOBU platform it will meet all the requirements of the MOB20 standard. This standard can be seen as a set of rules and a quality stamp of approval that governs a compliant security token ensuring that the standard of the token will be recognised all over the world. Security tokens are the most lucrative of all 3 types of tokens as they represent ownership of underlying assets and the opportunity to receive dividends which represent real value. Security tokens have not even touched $200 million USD while the $80 Trillion USD securities market remains untouched in the blockchain space.


Launching a security token is a technical, legal and regulatory nightmare!
• Different jurisdictions have different rules and regulations
• Cryptocurrency developers are hesitant and unsure about all the procedures required when offering security tokens to the crypto community (e.g. Reg 506b, Reg 506c, Reg A+, Reg D, Reg S, etc.)
• Legally the process of launching a security token is very expensive and slow.
• There are SEC fines and even imprisonment if a security token is issued incorrectly.
• There is no secondary trading market for security tokens (crypto exchanges refuse to list security tokens).
• There is no competitive pricing environment of vetted ICO service providers - ICO service providers charge anything they wish.


The MOB20 protocol will define a set of commands that a compliant security token should implement
• MOBU will support Reg S, Reg D, and Reg A+ compliant security token offerings, and with the incorporated ability to select experienced legal counsel across multiple jurisdictions within the platform, token issuers can be sure they can create compliant tokens within their local jurisdictions. The MOB20 protocol will create a set of rules that govern the issuance of security tokens, and program them into smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain so they are transparent and immutable
• MOBU is an ecosystem with a vetted tender process for
• Legal providers, smart contract developers, escrow providers, KYC providers, etc.
• MOBU will follow strict criteria for service providers in terms of track record, pricing, capital requirements, etc.
• MOBU will initiate a new standard – KNOW YOUR SUPPLIER (KYS) for complete due diligence (DD) compliance for all service providers using the platform
• There will be a rating system for service providers which will create a competitive pricing free marketplace for investors


Network of authorization centres for KYC/AML compliance
• Unique method of escrow services to ICOs protecting investors by enabling them to exit the ICO after the crowdsale on a pro-rata basis if the ICO issuers do not adhere to their roadmap or goals. Hereby ICO issuers will not have immediate access to the full amount raised - the funds will be released to them on a pro-rata basis
• A “lockup” utility to MOBU tokens for service providers. All the ICO service providers on the MOBU platform will stake x amount of MOBU tokens to receive the right to operate in the ecosystem. These tokens will be locked up for the full duration while the service provider remains and utilises the MOBU ecosystem; thus, creating a scarcity of MOBU tokens.


MOBU solves a distinct problem in a multi-trillion-dollar securities market. The MOBU platform creates a set of rules that govern the issuance of compliant security tokens, and program them into smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain ensuring transparency and immutability. Its clear business model demonstrates the unique use of and demand for the MOBU token on the MOBU platform by tender users. The MOBU platform ensures competitive pricing for legal, smart contract design, etc. to ensure lower barriers to entry and higher profitability for investors.


MOBU solves an actual problem in a multi-trillion-dollar securities market. ICO issuers make use of vetted service providers to ensure lower pricing and higher quality for ICO services. ICO issuers are able to launch successful ICOs on the MOBU platform and offercompliant security tokens! MOBU offers features such as the unique escrow to protect investors, symbolizing CONFIDENCE AND TRUST. Investors all over the world is increasingly looking for anchors of trust and indications of quality. Besides MOBUs strong community, actual blockchain use, confirmed issuers, experienced team, advisors and partners, MOBU also offers some of the most well-structured ecosystems and tokenomics in the crypto space!


MOBU has an experienced team, addresses a real-world problem, demonstrates actual blockchain use, has a sustainable business model, strong partners and even stronger social following. It is also a well-known fact that the 80 Trillion USD securities market remains virtually untouched in the blockchain space. MOBU is not here to revolutionize an industry, this is mere progress of humanity! Good team, good character, good product, good idea!

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