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Zero-fee Tokenized Masternode Fund

MNODE is a zero-fee tokenized Masternode fund that will use the money raised to purchase the underlying masternode assets and run operations. Investors will be rewarded with ETH or in WAN from its masternode block rewards, with a substantial amount being automatically reinvested to purchase more masternodes. This allows exponential growth on potential ROI. All transactions will be fully transparent on the Wanchain Blockchain protocol, and eventually, on Chainfund's very own permissionless blockchain. Leveraging our financial and technical expertise in Cryptocurrencies, the fund will be monitored 24/7 for maintenance, risk management, and potential ROI ceiling.

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3,000,000,000 USD
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James Sowers
Ico adviser
Rated on Oct 2, 2018

zero-fee, close-ended, tokenized Masternode fund that provides investors with diversified exposure to passive coin income. A Masternode provides key services to a blockchain for which it receives block rewards. However, Masternodes are often inaccessible to the average retail investor, as they require large initial capital investments and technical knowledge. The Masternode Fund is a new type of investment vehicle: by purchasing the Masternode Fund Token really ?

Iliya ZakiICO team member replied on 10 Oct 2018
Hello there!

First of all, thank you so much for your time. We really appreciate your feedback.

Yes, by tokenized the underlying assets, in this case, masternodes, creates an opportunity for the average retail investors to participate and benefit from a stable coin returns. The current masternode-enabled coins in the market require a high collateral (e.g DASH $180k, XZC $10,000) which is not the regular amount retail investors can come up with. By holding our MASTER tokens, it grants investors a stake in the underlying masternode assets. Our tokens do not require such high collateral, even $50 can enable an investor to enjoy regular passive income from Masternodes.

Secondly, in order to run masternodes, investors require some degree of technical expertise to maintain the software running the masternodes. And lastly, exposing capital to the crypto market possess a high risk as we all went through today in the bear market. To combat crypto volatility, our financial experts have come up with a hedging methodology that can reduce market risks Our finance and technical experts will provide their expertise in building a stable, passive income for investors with the hassle and emotional drawbacks of investing- allowing investors to rest easier and benefit from profit.

A similar concept would be syndication and current masternode pooling services. However, it involves a certain degree of trust in the individual providing the service in exchange for a cut of the block rewards. Our fund does too, however, in a (hopefully) larger scale which can also lead to an exponential increase in NAV.

Next, our fund will go through proper legal channels to provide our service with the relevant authoritaties. Our masternode fund can also provide funding to newer to-be-created masternode coins.

Hopefully, this answers your concerns! I apologize for the late response to your feedback. We do not expect you to change your ratings but if there are other concerns, we would love to discuss the other issues and hope to change your mind about our project.

Thank you so much for your time!

Have a good day, Mr Sowers. :)
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