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Mithril Ore

Novel utility token for several reasons

Mithril Ore Token is a novel utility token for several unique reasons. It is first in the market to be backed by Ethereum. As a result, it will serve as the first ‘Casper’ mining pool to the digital token Market. ‘Casper’ is known as the ‘Proof of Stake’ or POS upgrade of the Ethereum blockchain. This particular upgrade goes green regarding energy usage, in which the Ethereum blockchain no longer uses energy-wasting ‘Proof of Work’ mining, but rather, more secure, energy saving POS. In order for POS to be profitable for those with limited Ether, they will need to pool Ether with others. Mithril Ore is the first advanced staking pool to the market and will utilize this service in a crowd-friendly way. One hundred percent of the Ethereum raised in the Mithril Ore token crowdsale will be placed into the Ether Pool – with none taken as profits. As an additional feature of the Mithril Ore token, all staking gains from ‘Casper’ will also be returned to the Mithril Ore Ether Pool for increased stake value; thereby, adding to the Mithril Ore token base value. Mithril Ore tokens are limited in number and therefore scarce. In future years, we will offer the “blacksmith option,” which will be offered to consolidate Mithril Ore tokens, generating new specialized item tokens. With consolidation, ‘blacksmith minted’ item tokens offer annual, limited time, limited edition tokens that connote concentrated values and privileges to tokenholders.

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About Mithril Ore

The token has several features including limited and fixed supply; a stable, digital currency backing, redeemable for its value; a driven and trustworthy team; and, several novel and expanding use cases.

Collectible and novel foundation.

  • Only 500,000 ‘MORE’ tokens will ever exist
  • 100% of Ether from crowdsale goes to back the value of the token
  • 100% of “Casper” POS staking gains go back into the Ethereum pool.

Offering limited annual supply of consolidation tokens accompanied with concentrated voting privileges within the community

Corporation takes no profits from Ether raised through crowdsale, receiving only a small portion of ‘MORE’ tokens, which are subject to restrictions.

Two years following crowdsale, tokens are redeemable for the Ether that backs them, subject to minimum pool size restrictions or super-majority vote.

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