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The Social Commerce Revolution

EconoMe is a new decentralized model for digital content creation. Me Tokens, an ERC-20 token, acts as a community currency by Me-adopted social commerce platforms. Optimized for all users, is a shoppable, Instagram-like fashion experience. monetarily incentivises quality content creation from influencers and brands while rewarding users for opting in to receive targeted advertisements. The platform connects fashion influencers, consumers, and brands. For example, Influencers are able to post brands’ outfits on the platform. Shoppers like and share such posts. Using’s patented virtual fitting room, shoppers can try on the outfit, and even purchase directly. Fashion brands are happy due to a satisfied customer and a valued influencer.

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Benchy 3.8
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Price in ICO
0.0540 USD
preICO start
23rd Jul 2018
preICO end
8th Oct 2018
ICO start
23rd Aug 2018
ICO end
22nd Oct 2018
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Jeremy Khoo
Group CEO | Blockchain Entrepreneur | VeChain ICO Partner | Fund Partner | Exchange Founder | Singapore
Rated on Aug 31, 2018

This is a very commercial product, but the blockchain use case is not 100% clear. Good that there is a product and the team has a track record that may be able to deliver on this well.

Nozomu Nakazato
ICO consultant
Rated on Aug 3, 2018
Modified on Aug 7, 2018

Styleme is a very good product.
If you are blessed with partners and influencers you can expect a great demand.
Team members are also excellent and experienced abundantly.

Some doubts (I will improve the review if the doubt is resolved)

・There are already products, why is a $ 20m required? What does technology representing 50 to 60% represent?

・Is the SNS function added to the product? Or is it connected to a famous SNS?

・How do you earn a dedicated Ifrmencer?

I hope this project will succeed.

*I got a reply from the project and improved the score because I got a reasonable interpretation of the influencer which is an important element.

Mohit Tater
Blockchain & ICO Advisor, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur
Rated on Aug 8, 2018

Definitely am experienced team with some great advisors. Since I come from a digital marketing background, I like the idea of and feel that there is surely demand for it.

More and more advertising dollars have moved to social platforms and it's only gonna increase further from here.

If MeToken can execute well, they can certainly capture a good portion of the market.

Kyon Yoshihara
Direct Marketing Manager,ICO produce
Rated on Aug 11, 2018

I think that it is a very unique project.
There are already many block chain services already for influencers, but I think that this project is sufficiently differentiated.
I think that it can be safe as a product because the application called already exists.

Yuichiro Okazoe
Yuichiro Okazoe
Rated on Aug 11, 2018

MVP is very nice.
This will be part of future technology.
Especially clothes had aspect that it was hard to buy on the Internet due to size and other problems. will be able to break through that problem.

By giving appropriate consideration to influencers,
I think that many influencers will use this platform.

Jan Schets
ICO advisor | CIO | Blockchain Consultant | Early Crypto Investor
Rated on Aug 11, 2018

Having experience with digital marketing, I personally think this concept is amazing. Cutting out the middleman in the online advertising world has proven to work over and over again.

Connecting this to a blockchain token just makes sense!

Now having said that, there are some potential issues that I havent seen addresses directly:
- Getting influencers onboard is going to make or break the project. How are you planning to do that?
- Apart from influencers, how are you planning to reach critical user adoption for the app?

All in all, very interesting project with a good vision and product. Not that much blockchain experience in the team, but that shouldnt be too big of an issue.

Rufus J ParkinsonICO team member replied on 11 Aug 2018
Hi Jan,

thanks for your feedback. Let me talk a little bit about our strategy to grow the userbase. There are a few components to that.

Let's talk about the Influencers first.

In preparation to the project we have talked to 50-100 Content Creators. This helped us to identify two segments of content creators (with a total size of multiple million people) who will create content on another app if it is a) so effortless that they can do it next to working on their Instagram and b) rewards them with about a certain amount of dollar-equivalent cryptocurrency per day (if you want to learn more about what this amount is, pm us! We would like to not disclose the exact number publicly). We have created an experience that makes it very easy for content creators to start using our dApp next to their existing platforms and a Token Economy that will reward early adopters with an amount that will in many cases exceed their expectations.

We know from other Social Commerce projects that the combination of these two factors can lead to great customer acquisition costs in these segments and we will test that out further with our Beta that comes out in September.

Now, let's talk about User adoption apart from influencers.

Firstly, the Token Economy is designed in such a way, that Influencers are highly incentivized to drive followers from their other Social Platforms to The more engagement their fans create with their content, the more they will earn - especially in early stages of the project.

Secondly, through our existing virtual fitting room business we will be able to tap into a user base of about 2 million user profiles that we can use to drive adoption.

I hope this answers your questions.
Alena Narinyani
Journalist, Editor in Chief
Rated on Jul 12, 2018

An interesting and promising project that meets the modern trends of the market, when advertising in social networks becomes more interesting and profitable than traditional advertising. Good team and good product!

Alexis Berthoud
Entrepreneur | C-level | STO Advisor
Rated on Jul 16, 2018
Modified on Jul 18, 2018

Note after your answer

It should also be understood in the project rating that the 10/10 is the Ethereum project

⚠️On too many points promises are made and on the business model part lack of transparency and detail.

⚠️On Cayman Islands I doubt that the team goes to settle on site very risky binds to the SEC

Nowadays it isn't enough to make a beautiful website and promise something in the future.
Now, to become a successful project and receive necessary investments it is important to:

- Country token emission ❌❌
- Platform token sale available ❌❌
- Innovation level - incremental - ➖
- Show the MVP (product, prototype) - Not clear ❌❌❌
- Strong Competitor analysis ➖
- Core Team ✅and not multi-position team
- marketing ICO budget ✅
- Events calendar ❌
- have agreements with exchanges ❌
- Business revenu Forecasting ❌
- show ROI to investors ❌
- have max. transparency ⚠️
- have legally protected product ⚠️
- work actively with the community ➖
- have a powerful team and advisors ➖
- meet investors F2F ➖
- have a descriptive WP (with clear financial model). ⚠️

Rufus J ParkinsonICO team member replied on 19 Jul 2018
Thanks for taking the time to review our project. Allow me to comment on your points:

- Country token emission ❌❌: You might have missed that in the Whitepaper: token emission will be in Cayman Islands.
- Platform token sale available ❌❌: We are currently working on that and tokens will be available for purchase on starting from July 23.
- Innovation level - incremental - ➖: Fair point, a social commerce platform might not be the most innovative business model but we believe the innovation is in the execution. For example, we believe that our economics behind rewarding platform participants (both content creators and consumers) is fairly innovative, more on that in the next Whitepaper edit coming shortly
- Show the MVP (product, prototype) - Not clear ❌❌❌: A beta launch of our MVP is coming in Q3. We also have our Virtual Fitting Room live with customers in the US already. We will be leveraging this patented technology in our dApp. Please go and try it out at
- Strong Competitor analysis ➖Fair point. We believe that we have a good overview of the competitive landscape (both direct and indirect competitors, both on blockchain and off blockchain) but we don't really focus on that in the whitepaper. We will consider adding that in.
- Core Team ✅and not multi-position team
- marketing ICO budget ✅
- Events calendar ❌: Fair Point, we are about to add this to the website shortly. If you want to meet us, we will be at the Crypto Investors 5'o clock tea in London on July 24, and on the Priority Token Asia Tour 3rd Edition in Singapore (August 7), Kuala Lumpur (August 10), Ho Chi Minh City (August 13), Hong Kong (August 15) and Shenzhen (August 16).
- have agreements with exchanges ❌: We are in discussions with exchanges & will finalise before the end of the Main Sale and list very shortly after the sale ends
- Business revenue Forecasting ❌: The consumer facing dApp will get revenue from 2 main streams. Firstly, from affiliate sales driven by the platform (at a later stage this will be a native checkout) and from the advertising on the platform
- show ROI to investors ❌We have valued the dApp very fairly with a $20m hard cap and 35% distribution making it an attractive opportunity.
- have max. transparency ⚠️We are currently working on the implementation of regular news updates via our website and Telegram channels. We do ha e a lot of updates going out in these channels including to the 98,000+ Telegram followers. We will work to further improve this
- have legally protected product ⚠️We are legally compliant for Cayman Islands
- work actively with the community ➖As mentioned above, we agree with that point and will be working on it
- have a powerful team and advisors ➖We believe that we have that base covered (obviously not saying anything else here) with a good mix of industry, venture building and blockchain background and track record.
- meet investors F2F ➖We have done 4 investor related events and have five more planned in the coming weeks across Asia and Europe. These will be posted on our site this week. Additionally we are happy to have calls and meet one on one with potential investors.

Once again thank you for the comments that can help to strengthen the project!
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