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Medical Supplies on the Blockchain

MedXchange is the first blockchain-based system for the $340 Billion global medical supplies industry, which will grow to $435 Billion in 2020. MedXchange will allow the suppliers (“Sell-side Users”) of medical supplies to directly and securely transact with patients and end customers (“Buy-side Users”), reducing delivered medical supply costs globally and making it more affordable for patients and end users, while at the same time improving margins for beleaguered medical device manufacturers. This will improve quality of life and save lives, while enhancing the long term viability and innovative vibrancy of medical supply companies. Transactions on the MedXchange system will exclusively be facilitated by our MedCash (MEDCASH) token.

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USA, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, China
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16th Mar 2018
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31st Mar 2018
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1st Apr 2018
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31st May 2018
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About MedCash

What makes MedXchange/MedCash Unique?
First, MedXchange is not being created in a vacuum. MedXchange has existing agreements Sell-side medical device manufacturers. The use cases flowing from these include two proprietary medical devices that represent a potential universe of millions of Buy-side Users (end users / consumers) globally, representing a potential opportunity for  Billions of transactions/payments annually using MedCash (MEDCASH) over a 10-year  period.
Second, the token burning process over the next 3 years will be supported by our own proprietary cryptomining operations. We plan to scale up our current cryptomining operations dramatically to produce daily revenues immediately. These revenues will support the token burning process while the MedXchange platform is being developed.

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