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Ratings Max Crowdfund

International Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

The Max Property Group (MPG) blockchain is a child chain on Ardor and uses the MPG token as a currency to pay for transactions on their real estate crowdfunding and property management platform, Max Crowdfund.

Transactions include, but are not limited to, listing property, creating an asset (security tokens), buying/selling security tokens, buying and renting out property and registering property transactions.

Max Property Group is an international property investment company that is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They also have offices in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Its activities include property management, fund management, buying, selling, renting out of property, and running a property investment academy, Max Property Academy.

The company was founded in 2016 and their achievements so can be found on their roadmap:

For more information visit their website:

5 4 expert ratings
Benchy 4.6
Review: coming soon PRO
value of tokens sold in ICO
Price in ICO
1 MPG = 0.01 EUR
Restricted areas
None as MPG is a utility token and anyone can use it to register transactions on the Max Property Group blockchain via the Max Crowdfund platform. We aim to be a global real estate platform and people in North-Korea and Iran rent and buy houses too. Restrictions on investments in fundraising projects offered on Max Crowdfund apply.
ICO start
1st Oct 2019
ICO end
15th Dec 2019
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Igor Karavaev
Blockchain Enthusiast
Rated on Oct 24, 2019

Quite a unique project in terms of fundraising strategy. Already listed on a few exchanges but its capitalization and trading volume results could be better. no doubt they have as they say good real estate and dev team but they obviously lack needed crypto and financial experts. They are still doing ICO (or is it in fact STO?), and related legal issues also need to be better explained. The 20 pages whitepaper is hard to call attractive for crowd funding. To clarify when I rate for vision I mean ICO project’s vision (the tokens being sold to crowd and not any projects that support it)

Mark LloydICO team member replied on 28 Oct 2019
Hi Igor,

We are a little surprised to get a 2 for vision when you have not asked us any questions.

We strongly believe that projects raising funds prior to having any product ready are doing it the wrong way around.

We have a large amount of crypto experts and financial experts on our team and they certainly do not all agree with the strategy, but the idea is to show that one should first develop a company, then a project, then run a small ICO, then get listed on exchanges and develop the project further and then run subsequent phases of an ICO.

This is 100% not an STO as the MPG tokens are utility tokens. The fundraising projects on Max Crowdfund are most definitely security tokens and we have even created MPGS security tokens that represent certified shares of the group.

If you have any questions about both our group, our team, our project or our vision, feel free to ask by sending an email to [email protected], as we will hopefully change your opinion.

Best regards,
P.S. We have not published the technical document, as that would mean giving away the IP of the project. As such the WP is light, but this is by choice.
Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D.
Blockchain | Tokenization Strategist| Whitepaper|Tokenomics | BD| Fundraising
Rated on Oct 8, 2019
Modified on Oct 22, 2019

→ Blockchain Advantage - ✅❤️
→ White Paper - ✅
→ Team Composition - ✅❤️
→ Token Economics - ✅
→ Business Model - ✅❤️
→ Social Media Presence - ✅❤️
→ Collaborations & partnerships - ✅
→ Fund Allocation - ⛔️
→ Legal Loopholes - ✅
→ MVP/ DApp/ Working Product  - ✅

Advantage - Solid business model and experienced well balanced team. The blockchain advantage is pretty clear and a perfect business model created surrounding it. The biggest positive is a functional MVP for investing in real estate.

Disadvantage - They have failed to disclose any collaborations with Legal team, KYC+AML providers, market focus, real estate partnerships etc. Personally, token burn out post IEO doesn't make sense, as locking it for future fundraising would be more appropriate (milestone based). Either the team is very lean or has been intentionally kept to bare minimum here! Please update more team members.

You can find my ratings methodology here-

With regards to the answers provided, I am updating my ratings-
1. Legal - Utility Token (Legally verified)
2. KYC+AML - Creditsafe.
3. GDPR - Some sort of policy in place.
4. Team Info - Website has more extensive details but still lacking.
5. Token Burnout already in place and will take place.

Mark LloydICO team member replied on 24 Oct 2019
Hi Krishnendu,

Thanks for getting in contact with us and updating your review. In your update you forgot to mention that we use Sum & Substance for personal KYC and Creditsafe for corporate KYC.
It is a shame you still think the team information is lacking, as we have a very large team, but not everyone wants to put their information online.
Feel free to contact us again and we will provide you with our audited accounts, so you may see how transparent we are and in our Pitch Deck we have clearly specified the fund allocation, but we could not add that anywhere here.

Either way, thanks for your review and your efforts.
Zied Chaabane
Business Consultant and Entrepreneur
Rated on Oct 15, 2019

Team ★★★★★

I am giving the team 5 stars. Their expertise and their knowledge of the real estate market is obvious for anyone to see and they are ensuring the most common languages of the world are added to the site. The experience and languages will allow them to have a competitive advantage.
The team also consists of a healthy mix of business people, developers, designers, rental managers and technology experts to ensure the Max Crowdfund platform becomes a masterpiece. The platform should be relatively easy to keep updated and the scalability is enormous.

Vision ★★★★★

The team’s vision is clear. They want to make the real estate investment world more transparent and accessible to everyone. They also aspire to be the number one platform for Real Estate Crowdfunding in the whole world. By using blockchain technology, being transparent on the fees and accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment, it will set them up nicely for a big piece of the future PropTech market.

Product ★★★★

Max Crowdfund and the Max Property Group blockchain are one of the rare products based on the Ardor Blockchain. I asked why they made this choice and they gave a convincing answer, as Ardor is a BaaS and it has all the required functionalities built-in. The group has an academy where it is possible to learn more about real estate investment, their business and the Max Crowdfund model.

Their current products allows them to generate many income streams (Rental incomes, purchase and sales commissions, fund management fees, academy attendance fees and more), this is one big point for diversification in terms of income.

MPG is still waiting for licenses to enter more markets and to implement debit and credit card payments and once that is fully implemented, I would give them 5 stars for the product too.


Real estate is very hard to tokenize and to add as an asset on blockchain, even harder than banking and insurance. Legal advisor and team should be the strongest in such businesses.
The Team is making huge improvements and are expecting a much better platform that will push PropTech standards way forward.

Best of Luck for MPG.

Mark LloydICO team member replied on 24 Oct 2019
Hi Zied,

Thanks for your review and thanks for helping us reach out to the Arab world. We see this as an area with great potential.

Best regards
Artur Holzwert
IEO STO and ICO Advisor
Rated on Nov 28, 2019

Team: Great team. I always love to see the team so perfectly verified and authentic. I like the shirts. Perhaps a few more ICO advisors would be of huge benefit.

Vision: While I am not a fan of Ardor blockchain, and this concept in real estate combined with blockchain is indeed viable, there are many other projects similiar to this one. So nothing too new.

Product: MVP is very professional. Perfect.

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