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Milestones Max Crowdfund

International Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

The Max Property Group (MPG) blockchain is a child chain on Ardor and uses the MPG token as a currency to pay for transactions on their real estate crowdfunding and property management platform, Max Crowdfund.

Transactions include, but are not limited to, listing property, creating an asset (security tokens), buying/selling security tokens, buying and renting out property and registering property transactions.

Max Property Group is an international property investment company that is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They also have offices in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Its activities include property management, fund management, buying, selling, renting out of property, and running a property investment academy, Max Property Academy.

The company was founded in 2016 and their achievements so can be found on their roadmap:

For more information visit their website:

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Benchy 4.6
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value of tokens sold in ICO
Price in ICO
1 MPG = 0.01 EUR
Restricted areas
None as MPG is a utility token and anyone can use it to register transactions on the Max Property Group blockchain via the Max Crowdfund platform. We aim to be a global real estate platform and people in North-Korea and Iran rent and buy houses too. Restrictions on investments in fundraising projects offered on Max Crowdfund apply.
ICO start
1st Oct 2019
ICO end
15th Dec 2019
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The decision to form Max Property Group is made. Founders’ money used to prove financial model by buying, renovating, and renting out apartments in

Q2 2016

Max Property Group B.V. is incorporated

Q4 2016

First property fund is launched (Max Property Fund - Netherlands)

Q3 2017

Max Property Fund Netherland is fully subscribed and completed.

Q4 2017

Second property fund (Max Property Deutschland – Germany) is launched,
third property fund (Max Property Investment Group – United Kingdom) is launched. The decision to establish a property crowdfunding platform using an Ardor child chain is made. A development team from Auxesis Infotech is selected.

Q1 2018

Max Crowdfund platform development initiated further to a seed round to raise €115,000.

Q3 2018

An ITO is initiated for the MPG token.
Agreements are signed with Jelurida.
Fourth property fund (Max Property Fund II – Netherlands) is launched.

Q4 2018

Registered users reach 70,000 and
ITO is finalised with a total raise of €500,000.
Members of the Board are appointed, group restructuring is initiated.

Q1 2019

Group restructuring finalised as the Max Property Group blockchain (child chain) goes live (login required), check top 500 distribution.
Wallet creation functionality is added to platform as well as purchase MPG token functionality, transfer MPG token functionality and the option to invest directly in property funds. MPGt token is listed on STEX, P2PB2B, Sistemkoin and Coinmarketcap

Q2 2019

Automated KYC function added to platform, using Sum & Sub (including PEP and sanction list checks). Burning of MPG tokens is implemented alongside multiple small changes and enhancements as well as security improvements.

Q3 2019 (in progress)

Transaction fees for Investors and Fundraisers updated and Bank API integrated with bunq. Issue assets functionality (property funds) is placed on blockchain (includes asset control)
as well as the implementation of purchase and transfer of assets.
MPG Meet-up with media & investors during live burn event of 40 million MPG tokens. Launch of MPG listing on Assetum. Exchange on Sep 15th.

Q4 2019

Application for exemption from Dutch finance authorities (AFM) sought, to allow investing in 3rd party loans.
Exemption to allow third party fundraisers to create assets on Max Crowdfund. Listing of MPG token on additional exchanges

Q4 2019 (planned)

The release of 5% of MPG tokens to founders and seed round investors. Property listing functionality on the Max Property Group blockchain (issue singleton asset) completed.
Implementing the purchase and transfer of singleton assets (property) on the blockchain.
Allow third party selling (transfer) of property on the platform

Q1 2020

Receive license from Dutch finance authorities (AFM) allowing investments in bonds & equity.
Allow the issuance of property bonds and property equity assets, including asset control (restrictions apply depending on jurisdictions and regulations).
Add renting of property functionality(implement lightweight contracts).
Community management support (Property Owners Associations access)

Q3 2020

Obtain EU-Passport license from the Dutch finance authorities to other EU countries.
International property management services support, including periodic maintenance and repairs support ticket system functionalities to be operational.

Q4 2020

Import and register properties from various national land registries such as Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom.

Q1 2021

Full support for trading assets (restrictions apply depending on jurisdictions and regulations).

2010 (future plans)

Expansion to Asian & Middle Eastern markets


Expansion to US market & rest of the world

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ICO KYC Report
2 members invited
Erwin van Kekem
Mark Lloyd
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