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MAKE is a mobile keyboard app that pays people for creating and sharing viral media on the social platforms and messaging apps they already use. Like Gboard or Tenor, MAKE provides fast access to media - not just gifs, but videos, stickers, instant games, emojis, and much more. Ads on the platform are designed to benefit the users and the brands; any user can earn tokens in over 20 ways including making media that ges viral, sharing branded media, winning games or contests and taking quizzes and polls. Every day, users earn up to 70% of our ad revenues. Tokens can then be used to purchase real products and services or for promotion. In the future, MAKE will integrate its high-quality, user-generated media into every major tech platform: AR, VR, IOT Billboards, gaming, and ShiftWear apparel. ShiftWear will be the first ever platform to allow people to display digital media on their clothing. Like the Uber of advertising, users will earn tokens just for walking around! MAKE is the first mass-market ICO and the future of digital content.

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Benchy 3.8
Review: coming soon PRO
PreICO Price
1 MAKE = 0.0045 USD
1 MAKE = 0.01 USD
ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft cap
2,000,000 USD
Hard cap
25,000,000 USD
Restricted areas
USA, China
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About MAKE

MAKE​​ ​is creating a high-quality, user-generated media platform that can be accessed and used from anywhere. All content will be categorized, moderated, and ranked by consensus with ownership rights tracked using blockchain technology. With a ​MAKE​ ​account, users can save and share our media across the entire internet, in any app or website through our plugins. As the database grows, both brands and consumers will have the opportunity to inject clever forms of targeted advertising. We’ll use our advertising revenues to incentivise the creation and curation of our content using ​MAKE Tokens​.​ ​Users can then exchange tokens for digital assets, to promote content, to purchase ad space, as donations, and much more. 

At​ ​MAKE​​ ​, we have a strong vision for the future of content delivery and want to shape this future using technology. Platforms like ​ShiftWear Apparel​, a fashion-tech wearable that utilizes flexible displays, will allow users to display digital content on products like hats and sneakers. This empowers​ ​MAKE​TM​ ​users in two ways:  

1. People are given the opportunity to express themselves and sell digital assets for use on a brand new, high-tech medium. 

2. These mobile, trackable, digital billboards will let anyone advertise on people in the physical world using metrics and on a budget. Like the Uber of advertising, it will connect brands directly to consumers. 

3.We’ll tap into new technologies to provide our users with unique avenues for opportunity and expression. Virtual and augmented reality platforms, video games, IOT billboards, and live streaming will all require media content and an advertising portal. Our ultimate goal is to connect content creators, consumers, and brands so that they all benefit equally from what they already do.  

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Nick Johnson
David Coelho
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