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Spend and Earn Cryptocurrency Instantly

Liven is an incentive-based mobile payments gateway and ecosystem purpose-built for the lifestyle and dining industries. Hundreds of thousands of people use Liven to discover thousands of restaurants, process millions in instant mobile payments, and earn LVN - The Digital Currency for Food. LVN can be saved up, spent at any Liven merchant, or donated to a nonprofit organization natively in the Liven platform.

7 6 expert ratings
Benchy 4.0
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Price in ICO
0.0150 USD
Restricted areas
USA, China, Morocco, Algeria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Pakistan
preICO start
1st May 2018
preICO end
17th Feb 2019
ICO start
28th Feb 2019
ICO end
30th Jun 2019
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Kyon Yoshihara
Direct Marketing Manager,ICO produce
Rated on Feb 26, 2019

At first glance their projects look like ICOs that are everywhere.
However, if you check it carefully, you can see that it is a very interesting project.
If I were to give a concern, it would only mean that a tough balance remained in the token balance.

Liven PayICO team member replied on 27 Feb 2019
Hey Kyon thanks for your review!

Would love to understand and discuss your concern around token balance, not sure exactly what you mean, if you would please contact us at [email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you!
Iulian Anghelin
ICO - STO - DAICO Advisor, Investor Relations, Public Speaker
Rated on Mar 6, 2019

Certainly the vision of the project is neither an original nor a new one in Blockchain, dozens of similar projects have been born during the last 2 years, but the way in which they are developing, the speed, the seriousness and the commitment that there are putting make them one of the best projects to date.

Everything is taken care of in detail, they move very well, they are visible and carry on a passion. The team is not very large but very well distributed and the work they are doing is excellent, many projects with the 3 times bigger team did not do even a quarter of what they did in just a little over a year. The advisors are also excellent, with some well-known figures in the Blockchain world.

Social and communication channels very well kept, updated and presenting a large community. The website also well maintained and detailed but also nice to look at. The whitepaper written and edited in an exemplary manner, with a study behind and not published just to have a whitepaper. Tokenomics, business plan and token distribution exemplars. There is value proposition, there is the incentive for mass adoption, there is everything. Excellent balance even between the Softcap (10M) and the Hardcap (28M).

The App works well and offers an excellent preview, even if there is still work to be done, it must evolve more and more. What to say, it is nice to see projects that make the Blockchain grow and that bring additional value, this is good for the Blockchain community. I give a 4 to the product because I want to see how it evolves and what will be the final result, in the full of its functionality.

One question I have, where are all the collected data stored?

Good luck with Crowdfunding

Liven PayICO team member replied on 2 Apr 2019
Iulian Anghelin thank you so much for the Expert Review and taking the time to assess our platform, team and token.

It's true that there are many projects which have similar ambitions to us, thank you for recognising how we are different - Mass adoption is the goal and focusing on users and merchants first is the route.

Appreciate your feedback on The App - stay tuned! It will evolve a whole lot and we're excited to hit new shores with new features.
Doli Rani (Dolly Deval)
Ico advisor || Marketing advisor || PR specialist || Ico Expert
Rated on Mar 6, 2019

team is traditional and average. about vision there are several ICOs with the same vision ... about the Product I will suggest to Focusing on marketing as there are competition on the market

Liven PayICO team member replied on 2 Apr 2019
Hi Doli thanks for your review!

We are aware there are several projects with similar visions and ambitions, unique and effective strategies will be required to achieve our vision and achieve mass adoption. As Iulian Anghelin explained in his review above, we have several aspects which set us apart from the others.

Our platform and business has developed since 2014 and now established itself as a market leader in Australia. In early 2019 we reached 400,000 users ( and today our digital currency (LVN) is used at hundreds of different merchants by thousands of people everyday.

Tokenising LVN on blockchain and expanding overseas are our next steps and we'll be relying on several marketing initiatives, expansion strategies and of course the general public and community to help others see what sets us apart.

We're in this to serve more value to our users, merchants and charity partners; and with these achievements, we will bring the benefits of blockchain and decentralised protocols to everyday people.

We hope you'll reassess your review Doli - please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Product -
Whitepaper & Token Sale Website -
Telegram -
Doris Cornago
Account and Investor Relations Manager at Utopian Capital
Rated on Mar 18, 2019
Modified on Mar 18, 2019

→ Blockchain Advantage - Good
→ White Paper - Fair
→ Team Composition - Fair
→ Tokenomics - Needs Improvement
→ Business Model - Fair
→ Social Media Presence - Needs Improvement
→ Collaborations & partnerships - Good
→ Fund Allocation - Good
→ Legal Loopholes - Fair
→ MVP/ DApp/ Working Product  - Needs Improvement

You can maximize the potential of this product by using the best marketing team for spreading your vision. Mass adoption is the key to success, everything else is preparatory to the work ahead. Best Wishes.

Norm Bond
Consultant, Digital Marketing Strategist
Rated on Mar 7, 2019
Modified on Mar 7, 2019

Liven introduces the LVN Token, an innovative approach to loyalty rewards
with a cryptocurrency and blockchain solution that benefits merchants and consumers.

As Advisors the project lists some industry heavyweights including Roger Ver (, John-Paul Thorbjornsen (Master Node Ventures &
and Tony Stuart (Unicef Australia) amongst others.

The Core Team appears solid with professional backgrounds, experience and
active LinkedIn profiles.

The team addresses some of the base challenges of getting cryptocurrencies
to increase mainstream two inherent challenges in getting cryptocurrencies
used to purchase goods or services on a regular basis. The are "price volatility"
and "lack of adoption".

They have managed to follow the Roadmap with key deliverables.
The promotional video includes merchants and users who provide testimonials about how the product is helping them grow business and improve relationships with customers. This is important for any business and for a dApp to generate this feedback Pre-ICO is rare. It will be interesting to see if they achieve the US expansion slated for Q3 2019.

The Soft cap is $10 million USD and Hard cap $28 million USD. These are aggressive numbers given current market sentiment.
The good news is Liven has offchain brand recognition and solid marketing operations. If the Advisors are also involved in promotion and market making the goals could be achieved.

The company offers a huge white paper (79 pages) that provides helpful information about the Token Economics, Use of Funds and Features of the Platform. The Executive Summary is tight and the
overall presentation of the white paper is professional and free of errors. The team urges all to read it prior to investing.

For me this speaks to the quality of the team because seeking to raise more than $10 million with a sloppy white paper and/or brand image is a red flag.

Liven introduces a decentralised Reward Protocol utilising smart contracts
which powers rewards to be distributed and users to earn by conducting their
normal transactions at restaurants and venues. Liven rewards users with
its network currency for every transaction they make.

Liven has an existing network of merchant partners and users in its rewards network. According to the white paper since 2014 Liven has grown to service 400,000+ users transacting at 1,000+ venues in Australia’s
two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne.

Processing millions in payments Liven is already integrated with a number of
key Point of Sale (POS) partners allowing it to reach more than 20,000 venues.
The next step in the evolution of Liven is the addition of blockchain to this payment
system through the incorporation of an Ethereum ERC-20 token called LivenCoin, or LVN.

Any tokens that are not sold during the sale will be burned, and the Reward Curve
formula adjusted to maintain the same ratio of liability to funds raised that would
be achieved if the hard cap was met.

When I look at their github repository I see one branch, 16 commits (most recent 7 days ago) and 3 people listed

The social community and sentiment is active and engaged.
YouTube - 150 subscribers
Twitter - 1523 followers
Facebook - 34816 likes and 35081 follows
Instagram - 437 posts and 12.9k followers
Telegran - 54727 members

I found the [ANN] thread on Bitcointalk at:

There is an active blog on the website with recent content. The site also includes a Press Kit with documents, logos, banners and other information.

The Liven team has a number of good things in process as they move further into the offering and expansion.

Liven PayICO team member replied on 2 Apr 2019
Norm Bond thank you for the detailed review and for recognising the various aspects at play!

Future development and expansion of our platform is exciting for all of us and we are excited to hit new shores with evolving features.

We invite you to stay tuned either through our Telegram (, registering at the Token Sale dashboard ( or downloading the Mobile App & Wallet yourself (
Giho Nam
Korean Cryptocurrencey Expert, ICO Analyst, Blogger
Rated on Mar 19, 2019

this project doing a good job on a lot of things.

By the way, I wonder if this project will be of interest to investors even after ICO

I think more differentiated strategies are important because there are so many similar projects

It will have to be done continuously

Liven PayICO team member replied on 2 Apr 2019
Hi Giho, thanks for your review!

Our vision is grand! We are incredibly excited to take our platform over to new shores and into new verticals, and the response we get from Token Sale contributors and the general public will largely determine how we evolve our platform and where we take it.

We invite you to read our Whitepaper in full, particularly Section 9 and Section 11 for more on our expansion plans!

In terms of the strategies we'll use, we understand that there are many other projects and platforms with similar ambitions - we're serious about what we're up to. The expansion strategies we use will always be location specific and use what we have learned over the last 5 years.

We hope you recognise our vision!
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