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Network of Networks

The Vision of Linker Coin is to embody the true essence of a 'Network of Networks'. Linker Coin functions as a medium connecting fiat-currencies, exchange listed cryptocurrencies, and unlisted cryptocurrencies. This means the facilitation of Inter-transaction between networks via Linker Platform. Just as the Internet connects geographically separate nations; now Linker Coin connects separate financial systems into one united ecosystem.

6 5 expert ratings
Benchy 4.1
Review: coming soon PRO
value of tokens sold in ICO
Price in preICO
Dutch auction starting price 1 LNC = 0.0.0003 ETH
Price in ICO
0.1030 USD
preICO start
21st Oct 2017
preICO end
24th Nov 2017
ICO start
25th Nov 2017
ICO end
31st Dec 2017
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Igor Karavaev
Blockchain Enthusiast
Rated on Dec 28, 2017
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Nathan Christian
Blockchain Technology Consultant
Rated on Dec 23, 2017
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Toomas Allmere
Co-Founder at the Crypto BrainTrust Syndicate (CBTS) -
Rated on Jan 28, 2018

The ICObench contains very few ratings followed by comprehensive reviews. When assessing projects experts just give them marks without explanation or analysis. I write a review for those people who would like to understand the main idea of a project, get to know the key features, pros and cons of the White Paper, website, benchmarks and indicators of the ICO. If after reading a review you get interested in the project you can make a thorough study of it.
Today, there is a wide variety of coins, companies and platforms, but there isn’t a good way to connect all of these systems together. Linker Coin has an ambitious goal - they aim to create a “network of networks” to connect cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, and fiat currencies together. Just like the internet organized millions of different webpages into a connected structure, Linker Coin aims to provide a similar platform for the cryptocurrency world. Linker Project provides several types of Linker: Decentralized Exchange, Semi-decentralized Exchange, Centralized Exchange, Market Maker, Liquidity Provider, Trading System, Electronic Commerce System, etc. The Linker connects one network to another using Linker Coin as a medium of exchange. Six different Linker Platforms establish connections to six different types of financial networks. Specialized Decentralized Exchange will provide transparent inter-transaction. The Linker Project is setting out to connect both already existing and future cryptocurrencies with Linker Coin to bring liquidity to crypto markets. Users will connect up with ERC-20 compliant tokens through a semi-decentralized exchange which will in turn connect with different blockchain networks. As mentioned in WP Linker Coin is designed on the ERC-20 but will be rebuilt on the ERC-223, which is the enhanced version of the common ERC-20 protocol. The Linker is a collection of systems that connects with each other to allow "Mutual Trades" between the cryptocurrency market, finance market, digital trade market and many other economic networks with the Linker Coin Network. Linker Coin will connect different industries together. But what does that really mean? What is the Linker Coin eco-system? The company’s WP explains how their platform could boost efficiency in key sectors worldwide, including: Social Networking, Healthcare, eSports, Entertainment and Gambling, Job Market. Basically, Linker Coin wants to link siloed coins and networks together. This helps boost the value of cryptocurrencies as a whole, while giving users an easier way to transfer value and tokens between platforms. Given the market demand, the range of relationship is constantly expanding. In January 2018 a new partnership was announced: Linker Coin became a strategic partner with the world’s first decentralized AgriTech & Food Science project - ATFS Lab. Linker Coin ICO finished with the Hard-Cap reached (ETH 14,360 received)! That was exciting. Nevertheless I would like to analyze this successful ICO. An important reason for this success is perhaps the project’s relevance. Secondly the team and advisors have an adequate professional skillfulness, the core members of Linker Coin are system traders and market makers who have an extensive experience of managing exchanges and providing liquidity to markets. There is a clearly defined and understood business model. For such a complex and ambitious project it might be surprising to learn that WP is only 33 pages long. However it is a highly comprehensive document covering almost all substantial information of the project. Finally they are following a clear ambitious plan of action - Road Map. Linker Coin Foundation has already launched a beta version of cryptocurrency exchange, called CoinX. Meanwhile the project is developing locally in South Korea. Let us hope it is just a beginning and the team will be able to make the project more global. Plus their website says - “The Road Map of the foundation can be changed by the votes of the token holders.”

Artem Kharchenko
Advisor, IT entrepreneur, information security expert.
Rated on Jan 28, 2018
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Berkay Alp
ICO Analyzer
Rated on Oct 29, 2017
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