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The World's First Adult Service Platform

Libidocoin is a peer to peer digital currency. Libidocoin eliminates the need to trust banks or credit card companies. You have the power to know where your money is at all times. Furthermore, Libidocoin is not just a digital currency, It is a specialized currency aimed at creating a marketplace around the adult industry that is secure, private and does not require trust of any other party. Libidocoin facilitates payment of content producers in a discrete way ensuring both producers and creators are anonymous but at the same time, ensuring efficiency in the payment process.

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Price in ICO
1 LBD = 0.00009 ETH
ICO start
21st Feb 2018
ICO end
20th Apr 2018
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About Libidocoin

Zero Chargebacks
Credit card companies penalize businesses with chargebacks when customers dispute a transaction which occurs often in the porn industry. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible putting businesses in control of when refunds should be issued.
Privacy And Discretion
Banks and other financial institutions are required to keep personal records of all customers. A cryptocurrency system only records anonymous deposit and withdrawal addresses for each transaction without requiring any personal information.
Full Anonymity
Cryptocurrency wallets are anonymous, and our partners will not require any log-ins or registrations, thereby providing absolute anonymity. The only way to log in to your account will be the private key.
Low Processing Fees
Adult payment processors like CC Bill and Epoch charge up to a whopping 15% fee on every transaction. Cryptocurrency transaction fees range between 0% to 0.5% per transaction putting more money into the pockets of businesses.
 Fraud Prevention
Stolen credit cards and fraud are very common issues that plague online payment processing. Cryptocurrency is a “cash in hand” monetary instrument where rightful owners in possession of the currency are the only ones who can spend it.
Financial Freedom
Traditional payment processors like PayPal have historically discriminated against the porn and adult entertainment industry. Cryptocurrency works just like cash where transactions occur peer-to-peer bypassing regulated financial institutions.
No Restriction
Many countries restrict porn distribution legally and technically. A move to the blockchain and peer to peer completely eliminates these restrictions.
Limited Coin Supply
Libido coin has a total market supply of 90 million coins only. Due to the high demand of libido coin in the industry, the price per coin will go rocket high soon.

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