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Lead Wallet


LEAD Wallet is the World’s Simplest Multi-Crypto Wallet and DeFi Access. It is a decentralized multi-crypto wallet application perfectly designed for DeFi access and other crypto-related use cases. Lead allows users to securely store their crypto assets and can be used for transactions on a P2P level without any third party intermediaries. Lead Wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, DOT, the majority of ERC-20 tokens (including LINK, YFI, and major stablecoins), and 100 more cryptocurrencies. To make our platform even more convenient for users, Lead Wallet uses the best User Interface and security practices to simplify the use of our platform capabilities across all networks.

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Price in preICO
1 LEAD = 0.0368 USD
Price in ICO
0.0400 USD
preICO start
4th Sep 2020
preICO end
5th Sep 2020
ICO start
20th Apr 2020
ICO end
19th May 2020
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About Lead Wallet

Lead Wallet is the world’s simplest and most secure decentralized multi-crypto wallet for different kinds of crypto-related transactions. With this vision, Lead will be a platform that will be accessible to users worldwide via Apple and Android devices. This will enable users of Lead Wallet to store their cryptocurrencies while they control their private keys, exchange/swap, pay with cryptocurrencies for hundreds of utility bills without the need for fiat conversion. In order to actualize Lead’s vision, it starts with creating a secure bank-grade e-Wallet infrastructure that will host and accommodate multiple blockchain systems with the ability to store, send, receive, exchange/swap cryptocurrencies at any time.

As part of Lead’s vision, it will host several service features relevant to cryptocurrency users. With Lead, users will be able to stake all stake-able cryptocurrencies on the Lead Wallet. The utility bill payment feature will allow Lead wallet users to pay all kinds of utility bills using a majority of the cryptocurrencies listed on Lead. Lead wallet will also support the multi-send and multi-sig features in order to aid our expert and business users. 

The Lead Wallet helps users to hold, spend, send, and receive digital assets securely. Wallet users and clients remain in complete control of their assets, knowing they are protected. The Lead software and integrated APIs provide our users and clients the option to manage private keys safely and set various parameters and procedures to help eradicate all points of failure. Unlike the traditional banks and many other cryptocurrency wallets, Lead does not hold custody of users' funds. This means that users have full control over their accounts and funds at all times. 

Lead Wallet takes tested and viable market values and brings them into one application, making Lead an exciting and easy to use platform. Lead wallet offers 24/7 cryptocurrency assets' market data which includes price tracking for supported cryptocurrencies, the global market volume for every coin listed, with live updates on portfolio management tools. With options to send and receive based on account information or public keys, Lead Wallet will ensure real-world use cases for all supported cryptocurrencies.

Lead will help users to easily manage their digital assets and keep track of spending habits. The Lead Wallet team will also integrate into the Lead exchange an online fund storage for instant and secure transfers from our exchange to your secure private wallet. 

The Lead application will use all security features implemented throughout the entire ecosystem and provide the safest storage system available until now. Lead Wallet hopes to partner with several companies and platforms offering the best wallet service security and other related security measures for increased Multi-Signature security and to achieve the efficiency of the multi-sig and other related features.

The Lead Wallet ecosystem is divided into the following service and product areas:

Lead Wallet
Lead Wallet is a decentralized multi-crypto wallet application, and it is the world's simplest and safest multi-cryptocurrency wallet that is user-friendly for users ranging from novices, intermediates, experienced, and expert crypto enthusiasts. Lead Wallet is a trusted and secure wallet application for cryptocurrency transactions with the integrations of BTC, ETH, LTC, VOL, LAMB, stablecoins, ERC20 tokens, and 100+ more cryptocurrencies. To make the wallet even more convenient for users, the Lead Wallet team uses the best user interface and security system to simplify the use of the wallet's capabilities across all networks. With Lead Wallet, users will be able to easily;  

  • Send cryptocurrency,
  • Receive cryptocurrency,
  • Check account balances,
  • Coin staking,
  • Make bill payments,
  • Execute multi-send functions,
  • Execute multi-sig functions,
  • Easy access to DeFi,
  • Human readable addresses,
  • Exchange and Swap cryptocurrencies.

Lead Wallet will provide all these features to users while giving them access to daily market data, news, and information about all the cryptocurrencies supported on the wallet. Also, users will be granted full control over their private keys and passphrases where applicable, which will enable a more secure wallet where the Lead team does not hold custody of users’ funds or data.

Lead Wallet: Send, Receive and Store
This feature will allow users to send and receive cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another. The users are able to see their wallet balance, which will help determine how much they will be sending. Users cannot spend above what they have left in their wallet as it will prompt an error message whenever one makes such an attempt. The "Send" page will include a QR code scanning and automatic copy-paste of a wallet address into the clipboard. The "Receive" page will also include showing QR code, QR scanner as well as an automatic copy-paste feature. This will help ensure that the correct wallet address is always inputted when sending and receiving funds to avoid any form of loss by the sender or receiver. There is also a transaction history that will provide users the transaction ID of each transaction they perform via the wallet.

Lead Multisender
As an added service, the multicenter (payroll) feature will allow Lead Wallet users to send cryptocurrency to hundreds of cryptocurrency addresses in a single batch transaction, and at a very reduced fee. With this feature, companies that pay their employees in crypto currencies will not have to pay salaries bit by bit. Also, this feature is efficient for airdrop and bounty payment. Our multisender in-app bot will execute hundreds to thousands of transactions just in a single (or few batches of) transaction(s) after entering the receivers' details, specifying the amount to be sent, accepting the transaction fees, and hitting the send button. This is also a perfect solution for crypto communities as it allows crypto projects to send airdrop and bounty rewards to thousands of users in a single transaction.

Lead Stake
LeadStake is the wallet's feature that allows users who own PoS, DPoS based coins and other related coins to stake their coins directly in the wallet so as to earn staking rewards according to the blockchains' payout for staking rewards. One of the major benefits of crypto staking is that beyond the rewards it affords the holders of the coins, it also serves as a means of securing the blockchain network, controlling the price fluctuation rate of the coins, and also supporting the mining of new coins. Staking on DPoS and PoS based blockchain is rewarding both to the blockchain and the stake miners. We at Lead Cyber Services LTD believe that the best way to grow the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is to continue to provide products and services' features that will not just be useful to a single stakeholder but to everyone who loves and supports the blockchain revolution. Because Lead Wallet integrates hundreds of native blockchain protocols, it is also possible for our users to stake their coins directly on the Lead wallet to support and secure the associated blockchain, while they earn stake rewards directly to their Lead Wallet account.

LeadSig utilizes the most secure and latest technology to provide multi-signature service, which will give a significant landscape for businesses to leverage on. On a single-signature wallet, when a user wants to send funds, a transaction will be created for the user to sign, which confirms the user’s action to proceed with that transaction. On a multi-signature wallet, two or more signatures are required to verify transactions depending on the number of confirmation specified by the co-payers/co-signers of the wallet. 

LeadSig will also give access to all the co-payers/co-signers to see the funds and transactions on the wallet. With this feature, the Lead wallet positions itself to be the one-stop wallet for business organizations, particularly crypto exchanges and other similar businesses, to maintain a credible payment system that will ensure the security of funds managed between pairs.

Lead C-Marketplace
The Lead C-marketplace place is synonymous to an e-marketplace where goods, services and values are exchanged digitally. However, unlike the latter, the former allows its users to purchase or pay for any listed item (goods or services) using cryptocurrencies. With the Lead Crypto marketplace, users can pay their utility bills using cryptocurrencies directly from their Lead wallet. The C-Market place will also allow Lead users to buy gift cards, data and recharge cards of all the telecommunication networks, and book for flight using any cryptocurrency listed on Lead wallet. In addition, Lead users will be able to make hotel reservations with crypto, use cryptocurrencies to shop on several online stores like Jumia, Konga, Amazon, subscribe for paid TV, online streaming services and even transfer fiat currencies to friends and family from the Lead Wallet app. This is one of the key objectives of the Lead ecosystem to create a seamless payment system where cryptocurrency becomes the payment tool for the exchange of goods and services. 

When a consumer and a merchant do not have to worry about which payment system or currency that should be used to execute a transaction, then we can say that a seamless payment has taken place. The Lead C-Marketplace allows users to decide which cryptocurrency they are willing to pay with, and then complete the transactions within seconds.

The C-marketplace merchants on the other hand, will receive payments for goods and services sold in their preferred cryptocurrency or fiat currency as the case may be. This is a unique service from Lead that pays merchants in their preferred currency regardless of the crypto that was sent for such transactions. Thanks to our multiple liquidity partners that make it possible for the Lead ecosystem to stay liquid at all times. All transactions will be processed immediately with the highest possible security and at the lowest fees available. Coins and tokens listed on Lead Wallet will by default, be used to pay for any of the services and goods mentioned. Our primary motive as a team is to make cryptocurrencies an everyday currency globally. Hence we believe that one of the ways we can achieve this is through the Lead C-Marketplace and other Lead features highlighted in this whitepaper. The Lead C-Market will be powered by a backend banking layer to give users access to multi-currency features. The built-in banking layer ensures that users are able to access crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto services through our multiple banking partners and service providers. These services can be used to make cryptocurrency purchases, and in the future, users will be able to convert their cryptocurrencies directly into fiat currencies.

LeadEx is the liquidity hub of the Lead Wallet, and it is designed to integrate with multiple Exchange APIs so that users can trade cryptocurrencies without having to move their coins away from the Lead wallet. The wallet application will be compatible for crypto beginners and experts. LeadEx is designed to provide a liquidity system that will connect directly to Lead Wallet through partnered exchanges and OTC providers with a real-time matching engine tasked to accurately source the right conversion rates and orders for our users in order to ensure the lowest slippage of any size order while giving users control for their funds.

Although LeadEx will originally provide liquidity from other big crypto exchanges, however, in the future Lead will have its standalone exchange with institutional grade matching engine and high exchange liquidity.

Lead Swap
The LeadSwap feature allows users to instantly swap or exchange their cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies at an instant and very reduced transaction fee at nearly 0% slippage. This feature is very handy in the event of a very volatile market. It will help our users to always stay on the positive side of the market at all times.

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