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Milestones Kubera

Gaming platform

Kubera is an innovative platform for playing online games with a crypto currency. We use the Ethereum blockchain to provide a cryptographically secure payment system and provably fair gambling with smart contracts ​for ​games ​in ​the ​future ​phases ​of ​the ​project.

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From Cryptopia on 2018-12-10 21:20:05 UTC
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ICO start
31st Oct 2017
ICO end
12th Nov 2017
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01/2018 - Release ​open ​beta ​for ​games ​using ​KBR ​and ​wallet ​app

Multiplayers games and tournaments will be released for selected users around the world to play and test. Kubera ​team ​will ​collect ​feedbacks ​from ​those ​players, ​conduct ​meetings ​and ​improve ​gaming ​UI/UX.

02/2018 - Integrate ​Kubera ​token ​in ​various ​cryptocurrency ​exchanges

One of the most crucial moves in order to make the project a successful one is to increase the visibility of Kubera token on popular exchanges, hence increase the liquidity. A successful ICO can be considered as a convincing ​factor ​while ​negotiating ​with ​exchanges ​to ​place ​our ​token ​in ​their ​system.

03/2018 - Public ​launch ​for ​games ​using ​KBR ​and ​wallet ​app ​on ​iOS, ​Android ​and ​Web

Official ​version ​of ​games ​in ​the ​first ​open ​beta ​vague ​should ​be ​ready ​after ​two ​months ​of ​improvement.

05/2018 - Release ​open ​beta ​for ​smart ​contracts ​games

At this phase, we will be releasing games which are based on luck and skills so this is where smart contracts must involve to ensure the fairness and randomness of the game outcomes. There will be at least two games to ​be ​launched ​for ​beta ​testing ​at ​this ​time: ​Rock-Paper-Scissors ​and ​Black ​Jack

07/2018 - Public ​launch ​for ​smart ​contract ​games ​on ​iOS, ​Android ​and ​Web

As we need to make our games available to mobile OS such as iOS and Android, we will spend a lot of resources for the testing process to make sure those games function well with smart contract features before launching ​a ​public ​release.

10/2018 - Public ​first ​non-gaming ​services ​for ​Kubera ​ecosystem

Kubera team members, with not only software engineers but also economics experts, have been planning to launch ​non-gaming ​services ​using ​Kubera ​tokens ​such ​as ​e-commerce, ​online ​shopping, ​lottery, ​etc.

11/2018 - Release ​open ​beta ​for ​VR ​games

As VR (Virtual Reality) has become so popular in the last few years, we firmly believe the Kubera platform should follow the trend by developing VR games in order to be more competitive and stay relevant in the market. The Kubera team already has engineers experienced in such domain and one year should be enough for ​them ​to ​release ​interesting ​products ​for ​open ​beta

01/2019 - Public ​launch ​for ​VR ​games

2 months after the open beta, a public release for those VR games is expected to be a highlight for the Kubera platform ​to ​enforce ​its ​competition ​in ​the ​market.

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