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iTrue provides Self-Sovereign Biometric Identity for Decentralized Web. 1. “Self-Sovereign” also known as self-ownership is the idea that people should own their own data. Using iTrue, businesses cannot just freely use data from users, they must request the data and the user must consent to this usage. Users are rewarded each time they decide to share data with a business but it is a voluntary sharing of data. 2. “Biometric Identity” means we can offer face identification online and offline (i.e. visitors to trade centers, hotels, conferences, taxis, etc. so businesses know when to reward or punish someone in case they misbehaved). 3. "Decentralized Web", also called web 3.0, is the next generation of internet as a p2p network built around blockchain technology. We want to give control of data back to its rightful owners. We also want to make sure our platform is secure by having no single point of failure where hackers can steal or tamper with data. Technology At the core of iTrue’s platform is blockchain and facial recognition technologies. We are tackling data security issues head on with our state-of-the-art Stone Storage solution, a distributed database that enables users to store information without the need for a centralized server as it’s based off of blockchain distributed ledger principles. Personal information on our Stone Storage solution is stored separately from its record of transaction and can be divided into different levels and categories. This allows users to decide which information to share with which party, putting users in complete control over sensitive information. We are taking data security to the next level by securing information using biometric technology. Users must successfully verify their identity by scanning their face or eye iris in order to access their stored data.

4 3 expert ratings
Benchy 3.7
Review: coming soon PRO
Price in ICO
0.0030 USD
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USA, China
ICO start
21st Dec 2018
ICO end
21st Mar 2019
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Ong Jun Hao
Founder Of (Top Blockchain Advisory Firm In Asia) | Consulted 20+ ICOs | Marketing Expert
Rated on Aug 6, 2018
Modified on Nov 5, 2018

Data market is a big one and i think this will work in the real application world. Will revise rating once KYC is done and team pics are uploaded

The iTrue token ecosystem rewards users for sharing their data, and businesses for participating in the data and app marketplaces.

Paresh Masani
Rated on Aug 29, 2018
Modified on Sep 17, 2018

Great team.
Good shiny white-paper with detailed competition analysis and business & technical information.
Already have a great partners on their website but couldn't find detailed authentic information or PR about them.
I kind of liked the concept but many projects doing/did similar so not much fancy investing unless I see a eye catchy developments or some innovation out of the box! Soft cap and Hard cap are definitely too high!
[Update] Team has contacted me multiple times on LinkedIn and Emails - provided sufficient information and cleared my questions. But I still believe that just providing biometric (face recognition) authentication isn't sufficient! Will update product rating after I see MVP.

Eleftherios Jerry Floros
ICO Advisor | Investor | Analyst | CEO - MoneyDrome Edge - London
Rated on Aug 31, 2018

The iTrue project is very innovative as it not only focusses on biometrics on blockchain (BaaS), it also adds Dapps development, device-free operations, GDPR compliance and privacy control as well as data monetization (for users providing their data to companies) and therefore differentiates itself from the competition significantly. Their unique "Stone Storage" gives businesses and users alike an ultra-safe and secure data storage facility using blockchain. Establishing a token system for sharing data with participating businesses and creating a Dapps marketplace is very appealing to companies that want to enter into the Blockchain space. View the above, iTrue vision truly deserves a 5 star rating.

The Baas (Blockchain-as-a-service) concept and iTrue concept are very innovative, however there is competition out there. By providing additional services and facilities, as well as focusing on the user-experience, iTrue differentiates itself with a USP that sells, hence 5 stars for the product.

The iTrue team is solid and all bases are covered with plenty of expertise and talent, deserving a 5 star rating as well.

Good luck to the iTeam !

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