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IC3 Cubes

Physical Gold Backed Tokens

A vault verified, gold backed token = 0.00004 (g) of physical gold, price on settlement - day of purchase. IC3 Cubes has been offered access to physical gold supply through an insured, secure private vault, in order to create asset certificates that are supported and verified by physical gold via a private gold mine and vault in North Western Canada.

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About IC3 Cubes

IC3 Cubes ( IC3, is the new digital gold standard that offers a unique and secure way to invest in and trade physical gold. Utilizing blockchain technology, the IC3 Token is a crypto asset, representing a fraction (of a gram) of physical gold. The physical gold supply exists within an insured, secure private vault, that creates and issues both physical and digital asset certificates.

There are currently 1130 cryptocurrencies in the investment marketplace. Most of these currencies are backed by a proof of concept to solve a real-world problem. FIAT currency whose value is determined by the reputation and stability of its governmental institutions, similarly the value of many of these cryptocurrencies can be tied to the faith (FIAT money) of the population that invests in it, which makes it vulnerable to inflation and deflation similar to a fiat currency. Thus, we introduce a new token IC3 Cubes (IC3), a crypto asset that is truly tied to a fungible asset built on a tried and tested blockchain technology.

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