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Your Cryptocurrency Friendly Current Account

HubrisOne is increasing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption through a simple, innovative and user-friendly platform. We enable our customers to easily access instant blockchain cross-border money transfers, multi-currency bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets and much more.

7 6 expert ratings
Benchy 4.1
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value of tokens sold in ICO
Price in ICO
0.0100 USD
Restricted areas
USA, China
ICO start
1st Jan 2019
ICO end
31st Mar 2019
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Clemen Chiang
Ph.D. | CEO | FinTech in Stocks | Blockchain in Cryptos | Author of Amazon Best Sellers in Online Trading
Rated on Feb 16, 2019
Modified on Feb 23, 2019

1. Soft cap 100,000 USD
Hard cap 6,000,000 USD

→ US$100,000 is enough to get started? What's the runway?

2. Milestones → Is the MVP ready? If not, the Q3-4 seems unrealistic?

3. Team → Is too lean to develop the full scale product?

Willing to revise rating if team responds.

All the best!

Utku kerem Gulcek
ICO team member replied on 20 Feb 2019
Dear Clemen,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and considerations!
Let me respond to them.

As for your first point regarding soft cap, our business model or start-up is not based on our token sale or its price. We are running an equity seed round at the moment at Seedrs which will start-up the business. On the other hand, soft cap of our token sale completely covers a year long development, maintenance and marketing costs.

We have our MVP alpha version out on Google Play store and App Store. We have already over 15k users who downloaded the app and signed up for the waiting list. Our product is rather a business which gathers proven technologies together to offer more efficient versions of the selected traditional banking and cryptocurrency services to the users. Most of the development will be in the shape of integration rather than blockchain development. Therefore, we believe the given targets are realistic.

Our background as a team is more on business side rather than technology. We believe most vital part of a cryptocurrency related business is to have a robust business model which is bear market resistant and independent of the token price. In addition, team needs to have a business management perspective in order to sustain the business. We have all seen many projects raising tens of millions of dollars a year ago and now bankrupt. You know there are many options in terms of talents and team when it comes to development. We already have several contractor developers we are in talks. We are preparing to start development on a fully scale after fund-raising finishes.

I hope these help. If there are further concerns, we would be happily respond.

Kind regards,

Dear Utku

Thank you for your detailed response.

1. Your photo - Why is it not displayed on ICObench? Why you don't have a LinkedIn account?

2. Mobile devices - both are available on App Store and Google Play which is a good progress.

Please update us on your progress of raising Seed round.

All the best!

Utku kerem GulcekICO team member replied on 23 Feb 2019
Dear Clemen,

Thank you for the additional comments.

1. I had two accounts that I forgot, that's why there is little information here. I have included them and will try to make it look better next week. Thanks for the heads up!
2. We have almost reached 120k GBP on our equity seed round iion Seedrs with still 6 weeks to go.

Kind regards,
Daryl Naidoo
Founder-Promethean Dynamics |Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect|Blockchain Advisory Council |Alliance of Blockchain Professionals |
Rated on Feb 26, 2019

This is a really ambitious project. Creating a reliable bridge between fiat and crypto is something many more experienced platforms are working on. Unfortunately, looking at the current team, I think it's way to lean to achieve this. The CCO's profile no longer exists on Linkedin and between the 4 man team their combined banking experience is about 5 years. With all due respect, I just don't see the team having the right skill set or experience to deliver.

Utku kerem GulcekICO team member replied on 28 Apr 2019
Hi Daryl,

Thanks for the review.
You might find Osa's profile from the following link:

Kind regards,
Hamza Khan
Consultant | ICO Advisor | Developer | Stellar Blockchain Expert |
Rated on Apr 20, 2019

Team ✔
Advisors ✖
MVP ✔ Need improvements
WP ✔

Price per token 0.01 USD isn't it overpriced. And ico isn't yet completed and they are listed on with price there 0.00058 usd/HBRS can someone tell me this logic.

And there is a huge gap between softcap and hardcap any clarification on that.

Utku kerem GulcekICO team member replied on 28 Apr 2019
Hi Hamza,

Thanks for the review.

We have completed the token sale by March 31st. Just missed to update the site.
We have raised funds through and equity sale where we have collected more than enough to start the business itself. Hubrisone V0.2 will be released in June.

Kind regards,

Kind regards,
Florian Rézeau
COO | ICO Advisor
Rated on Feb 22, 2019

Huge project!
Good Advisors, the project perfectly match the blockchain technology.
Good community on social networks although not very committed.
I look forward for more news!

Utku kerem GulcekICO team member replied on 23 Feb 2019
Thanka for your comments Florian!
Great news are coming in the following weeks.

Kind regards,
Iulian Anghelin
ICO - STO - DAICO Advisor, Investor Relations, Public Speaker
Rated on Feb 2, 2019

Reading the first few lines of the vision and the target of the project, it can arouse some interest, but it takes only a few seconds to completely switch off the minimum interest initially aroused.

Already the market in which they are trying to land is a very difficult and overwhelming one by now very well-established and powerful competitors, if then we also put the fact that analyzing the project, it does not meet even the minimum parameters that a project with such aspirations should respect, then the minimum interest initially aroused turns almost into anger.

In 2019 they are running an ICO, with a team that has nothing to do with the Blockchain (only financial), but after contacting a couple of them it turns out that they do not even work for the project.

The site and the whitepaper are embarrassing, less than amateur and also with many grammatical or typographical errors. Social almost non-existent, as well as communication channels, while github does not even exist.

There is no trace of tokenomics or how token distribution will occur and there is an abysmal difference between softcap and hardcap. Softcap - $ 100,000, I personally can not understand how you can develop such a project with a minimum of 100K, while the Hardcap 6 Million (which perhaps should be the Softcap).

My review is not a call not to invest here, but a call to be very very careful and analyze well through extensive research before proceeding.

Utku kerem GulcekICO team member replied on 21 Feb 2019
Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Our global financial background enables us to analyze the market and the opportunities exist and successfully conducting the feasibility study. There are over 2 billion unbanked people exist globally and our ultimate target is to provide them the benefits of some traditional banking features.

We were busy with preparation to our ongoing equity seed round on Seedrs for the last couple of months. We had a change in team structure along the way but while we are dealing with various other tasks on the background like partnership explorations, merge negotiations, etc, we forgot to update our profile at ICO sites. As you can see for a couple days we have updated the team structure.

We believe everything related to project is available on the media which could be found online. Furthermore, these media explains more than everything required to make a judgement on if the business would be a success or not.

Our distribution is as follows: %55 Token distribution, 20% Team, 11% Reserve, 9% Bounty, 4% Advisors, %1 Legal.
An important point to emphasise on the other hand, here is that our business start-up does not depend on token sale. We call token sale rather token distribution since our tokens will be used by our users on the app and we want them to acquire while they are offered ar fixed price. When bullish sentiment returns all market will go bullish so then the market decide the price. Our business model depends on several fee structures and completely independent of market sentiment and native token price. We are running an equity seed round at the moment where we have already passed the £100,000 mark in two weeks. Soft cap for token distribution, which is $100,000 covers more than enough to complete development and maintain the infrasturcure and all marketing costs a year long.

Briefly, our product is rather a business which gathers proven technologies together to offer more efficient versions of the selected traditional banking and cryptocurrency services to the users. Most of the development will be in the shape of integration rather than blockchain development.

Kind regards,
Yogesh Trivedi
Blockchain Technology, eCommerce, Agile Software Development Consultant
Rated on Apr 3, 2019
Modified on Apr 3, 2019

Team have existence as they passed KYC, however small team that needs to be expended with some more expert in it.
Checked mobile app as prototype and it its functioning well as MVP of the project.
I see from telegram pinned message that HBRS is listed on few exchanges and its dumped already.

I'll track the project and can change my review based on progress and performance in future.

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