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Made with love on the InterPlanetary File System.

Honor is a decentralized ‘cloud storage’ service that allows compatibility with of ice suites. It tackles the issue of security and privacy without compromising convenience. Honor takes advantage of the InterPlanetary File System and allows the system to scale to thousands of documents a second on a decentralized system, where all documents are encrypted in real-time and stored in an encrypted manner on the IPFS swarm. Real time syncing allows multiple Ethereum addresses to be linked to a document sub-contract and does not compromise ownership. With Honor, both individuals and businesses can participate in a competitive cloud storage market with the HNR token, ushering the cloud-computing paradigm in a new direction.

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From Livecoin on 2018-05-31 13:20:13 UTC
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19th Dec 2017
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29th Jan 2018
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About Honor

More than an Office Suite

HonorDrive is more than an Office Suite, it leverages the bleeding-edge technology of the InterPlanetary File System, a decentralized protocol for a permanent and decentralized Cloud Drive. This is your HonorDrive, you determine the rules, you store what you want.  There are no prying eyes. Everything is encrypted. Don't worry about being hacked- that's impossible.

Works everywhere

Collaborate in real time with other team members, access them any time anywhere with the Honor app. Wherever you go, you can always access your HonorDrive. Create seamless and stunning documents with your peers, create confidential documents that are for your eyes only. Secure and private by design, there is no compromise.

Features from the lightyears ahead

  • Familiar Design

Works like your favourite drive applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, and MEGA. Import from other Cloud based services.

  • Best Prices

Cloud based hosting can be bid down by the hosters themselves, making a competitive market for HNR tokens, better for consumers such as you.

  • Safe

Secured by encryption for your privacy and safety,, only you can share the file with someone else. There is no central point of failure.

  • Available

Always online, a decentralized file system that is failsafe. Work offline and sync when you are online.

  • Secure

Your documents can only be viewable and changed using a private key - that's 256 bits of entropy for your documents.

  • Decentralized

Stop trusting centralized organizations with your data, completely decentralized and peer-to-peer capable giving you the freedom you desire.

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