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Ratings HiveNet

The Next Generation of Cloud Computing

HiveNet is a distributed cloud computing network, which enables computer owners anywhere in the world to securely rent out their idle computing resources for an income. Customers pay for these computing resources to perform their valuable tasks (e.g. big data analysis or complex calculations, like weather forecasting). Customer payments are forwarded to computer owners in fast and secure micro transactions of HiveCoins via the HiveNet Blockchain. HiveNet employs several measures to easily cash-out HiveCoin earnings, e.g. a HiveNet debit card. Allocation of tasks and validation of results are performed through an artificial intelligence, which ensures high efficiency and prevents fraudulent behavior.

6 5 expert ratings
Benchy 4.6
Review: coming soon PRO

HiveNet Token
1 HiveNet Token = 0.08 USD
Soft cap
3,400,000 USD
Hard cap
19,000,000 USD
Restricted areas
Afghanistan, China, Crimea Peninsula, Cuba, Eritrea, Gaza Strip, India, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Palestine, Somalia, South Korea, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, United States of America (accredited investors are permitted), Venezuela, Yemen
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Nozomu Nakazato
Blockchain consultant
Rated on Dec 11, 2019

Team members with business experience. None of the members stand out about the blockchain, but I don't see this as an important contradiction. It is still rare, such as this road expert. I hope everyone will become an expert.
Although the white papers are designed based on research, it is not clear whether they have such a strategy because the clear action goals, including KPIs, are unclear. The idea is universal, but I think we need a product that demonstrates execution ability.

Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D.
Blockchain | Tokenization Strategist| Whitepaper|Tokenomics | BD| Fundraising
Rated on Sep 30, 2019
Modified on Dec 10, 2019

→ Blockchain Advantage - ✅❤️
→ White Paper - ✅
→ Team Composition - ✅
→ Token Economics - ⛔️
→ Business Model - ✅
→ Social Media Presence - ✅❤️
→ Collaborations & partnerships - ⛔️
→ Fund Allocation - ✅
→ Legal Loopholes - ⛔️
→ MVP/ DApp/ Working Product  - ✅

Advantage - The White paper is clearly written with a lot of effort in the research and details.They apparently have a functional product but link is not given. A bit more effort is to be made as to the need of a separate POS blockchain over already existing protocols and Layer 2s for the common person.

Disadvantage - Lack of partnerships, unclear go-to-market strategy and most importantly details about tokenomics is lacking. Out of these 3, the lack of partnerships with either consumers, stakers (i.e Nodes) or for providers is a big issue that needs to be highlighted to win investor trust along with small nitty gritties like Legal team, KYC+AML provider, etc.

You can find my ratings methodology here- https://medium.com/@krishnenduchatterjee/ico-evaluation-investing-a-vc-perspective-for-investment-over-greedy-short-term-returns-433f6f9e13d8

I am re-rating it owing to following explanations and details -
1. KYC + AML - For the mainnet launch (Q4/2021) we will need these processes, but we will implement them in cooperation with our banking service provider and therefore don't need another external provider.
2. Legal team is there (I am not disclosing it here but can be checked).
3. Collaborations & Partnerships updated.
4. DEMO version operational and not a video.

Artur Holzwert
IEO STO and ICO Advisor
Rated on Nov 20, 2019
Modified on Nov 27, 2019

The team: Amateurish team from Germany. Nobody on the team is experienced in conducting an ICO strategy.

Vision: The idea is feasible but I have yet to see a clear business strategy or even an ICO strategy, again, find a good ICO advisor!

As of yet no Bafin registration and the ICO will probably be canceled by the government due to the nature of the token. Bafin approval must be given before the launch of an ICO, not after.
No legal support on the team and I very much doubt the team have consulted any lawyers.

Product: No product as of yet.

Red flags so far:

- No Bafin approval.
- Contradicting terms in legal disclaimer.
- No legal representatives in a heavily
regulated country.
- No MVP, only a blog article.
- Unprofessional CEO, throws childish fits
and temper tantrums over constructive
and free advice from experts.
- No ICO advisors

Edit 27.11.2019:

Childish outbursts of CEO are another red flag for investors. Such behavior is unbefitting of an CEO.

I am merely giving you free advice of hiring people with blockchain and ICO experience.

You have no proof of an actual MVP.

Once you can provide an actual MVP and not just an poorly worded article on Medium stating that you are presumably working on an MVP, I will gladly edit my review.

As to your accusations, they are false. I am not seeking anything from anyone. I am rating your project as to my professional subjective view.

I know the laws and regulations concerning ICOs very well. I can send you the documents concerning the legalities of ICOs in Germany free of charge. Feel free to contact me on Linkedin.

Feel free to explain why your disclaimer completely shuts out the rights to a token swap to your finished product? Are you trying to sell your investors a useless token? Where are the utility token characteristics?

As the state of events currently are, this project seems to be a poor attempt at trying to ride the crypto popularity wave by selling a non functional product with a worthless token that won't be guaranteed a swap. Until you can show me the BAfin approval, I have to assume this project is not a viable investment.

Doris Cornago
Account and Investor Relations Manager at Utopian Capital
Rated on Oct 17, 2019
Modified on Oct 17, 2019

→ Blockchain Advantage - Good
→ White Paper - Good
→ Team Composition - Fair
→ Tokenomics - Needs Improvement
→ Business Model - Fair
→ Social Media Presence - Needs Improvement
→ Collaborations & partnerships - Poor
→ Fund Allocation - Good
→ Legal Loopholes - Fair
→ MVP/ DApp/ Working Product  - Fair

You can maximize the potential of this product by building an ecosystem for spreading your vision. Mass adoption is the key to success, everything else is preparatory to the work ahead.

Chokha Palayamkottai
CTO | Blockchain Technology Consultant |ICO Advisor | AI | Healthcare|Cybersecurity
Rated on Sep 28, 2019

A familiar idea but good execution plan. The token economics looks solid . The incentive for 'stakers' look good as well. HiveNet appears to have a strong team and should be able to deliver this successfully.

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