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The HireBits token will be issued by us, after the completion of the token sale. We aim to enable the use of the token in the HireBits platform. Some of the tokens will be spent to enable users, institutions, and partners for their transactions on the platform. As backers for HireBits, token owners can either hold them for future use or trade them on exchanges. Due to a lack of regulatory consensus, the tokens will not provide dividends or entitle owners to share profits from the business. However, we believe the fundamental business behind HireBits will have some impact on the value of the HireBits tokens over time. We believe the HireBits business holds sufficient diversity to be attractive and profitable for traders and investors with different objectives. The HireBits token will be implemented as an ERC20 token over the Ethereum blockchain. ERC20 allows us to leverage existing resources built for the Ethereum ecosystem, including tools, exchanges, wallets, etc. People can buy, sell, send, or receive HireBits in the platform or convert it to fiat and withdraw.

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Price in ICO
0.1950 USD
ICO start
15th Dec 2017
ICO end
14th Jan 2018
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About HireBits

Some technology shifts will re-shape how the world earns a living. Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and robots/co-bots are not science fiction today. However effective they are today, they will be significantly more effective in the next 5 years. HireBits is a transformational digital platform for the on-demand, gig economy, where technology is, irreversibly, changing the way the world hires and works.

HireBits is a digital platform for the new world, where everything is on-demand. HireBits aims to achieve two things: Intelligently match people with companies and vice versa Transfer control and choice to people as we move towards an on-demand, gig economy The platform is based on Ethereum as the underlying blockchain platform. It is built for and intended to be used by people without development or programming expertise, offering a zero touch experience in identifying and working with independent workers.

HireBits has immense potential in the digital world and we believe it serves an important purpose for everyone who is part of the ecosystem. Together with our presence and relationships in a large market, we are well positioned to generate revenues by 2018. If we manage to raise the funds that we are aiming for and hire a full-fledged team by March 2018, we have no doubt that we will be on track to have a working product and pilots on stream by end 2018. Importantly, we believe the HireBits token will be used widely within out platform and will serve a purpose beyond raising funds for us. The value of the token could be intrinsically dependent on the transcactional volumes on the platform, though it will be subject to market vagaries.

We have also structured our token sale to ensure we are not raising more funds than we need for the foreseeable future. We are clear that if the token does not offer multiple avenues for creating returns for the investor, it shouldn't exist as one.

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