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AI enabled autmations as a service

AI-powered automations as a Service. The Hellenium project is building the Amazon equivalent for services. A hybrid of a transaction processes platform and a marketplace. The principal idea is based on SN2’s techno-methodology code named 2DVVI which offers businesses the ability to lean engineer (optimise) their processes by eliminating the need for hardware based automations and software based system integration bridges by replacing them with AI routines. Businesses will connect to the platform though APIs and will be able to sell through it their services to consumers, other businesses and commuters at a fraction of today’s cost, achieving economies of scale in excess of 60%

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PreICO Price
1 HLN = 0.01 ETH
1 HLN = 7.74 USD
Soft cap
7500000 USD
Hard cap
75000000 USD
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About Hellenium

The Hellenium platform will be build using the Ethereum infrastructure, in order to serve mutual interests sharing open internet communities. The name of the coin/token abbreviated as HLN was chosen to honour the origin of the philosophers that created the conceptual revolution that lead us to “money.” Hellenium was built to enact a similar movement, to rationalise human needs and bring enterprises,
organisations, and institutions at the same level of power with the consumers that constitute the society, the needs of which they were created to serve. We hope this time around to avoid illusions, paradoxes, and the creation of elites.

Helleniums will reward added value within the ecosystem that will be created. Imagine it being like VAT with the distinct difference that in this instance the taxing, the taxed entity and the managing the values entity is the whole ecosystem, rather than a Government controlled organisational structure managed by politicians. This we believe to be the pinnacle of Direct Democracy, whereby the principle of collective responsibility and rewards come hand-in-hand. We will issue a finite number of Helleniums.

Roadebit will be the name of the first set of propositions to utilise them. To honour its pioneering nature, we will assign to it 15% of the total Helleniums to be created. To every new project that will utilise the Hellenium coin, we will assign a number of HLN’s relative to the respective value it will add to the currency stakeholders and the value of the HLN at that moment in time.

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