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We are creating a management company GuideCTF, which will manage the index fund CIV20. The CIV20 index is our development, it is unique. The index includes the 20 largest and most popular crypto currencys every day. The index is updated every Monday. To buy the 20 largest currencies, it's enough to buy one CIV20 token. The managing company GuideCTF takes charge for the management of the fund. The holder of the GCTF tokens receives dividends that are paid from the profits of the managing company GuideCTF.

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0.0562 USD
preICO start
5th Oct 2017
preICO end
26th Oct 2017
ICO start
27th Oct 2017
ICO end
29th Dec 2017
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About GuideCTF

Being the first means having better chance of becoming a long-term leader.

Every market has a benchmark for comparing the results of active management to those of the buy&hold strategy. For instance, the global financial market benchmark is the risk-free return of US Treasuries. The benchmark of American stock market is the S&P 500 index including 500 largest companies of American stock market. The cryptocurrency market has no benchmark yet, since everyone only looks at the capitalization and BTC value. But there appear more companies and cryptocurrencies playing a more significant role in the crypto market. We witness the very beginning of this process.

Our key product is development of benchmark for crypto investors. It is presented at You can compare the result of your crypto portfolio to the index dynamics to see whether your management is efficient in comparison to passive index investment.

On the basis of CIV20, we are creating a fund for a passive and relatively conservative investor who wants to hold top currencies all the time without wasting much time, without sufficient investment competence. Moreover, we are creating a traded fund with the tokens easily sold or bought at the market, while the large shares (fund tokens) can be bought or cancelled directly through the fund manager by paying a small commission for large transaction volume.

To establish the fund, it is required to create a management company. To do this, we have announced pre-ICO and ICO. The investor receives a share in the management company adding value together with the crypto market and the volume of managed assets. Moreover, we promise at least 25% of dividends from the management company net profit every six months.

Fund management is subject to a commission. We forecast the company to earn up to 8 per cent per annum from each managed $100 million. This is bare management cost excluding other opportunities that appear within such a large-scale project. When the payment system is launched, we forecast another inflow of assets into the fund.

The founder team consists of three partners, each of whom is an expert in his own field. Oleg Naumovich is an investment consultant, trader and business strategist. Egor Marchenko is a technical expert and the chief software developer. Stanislav Gaitsky is a PR expert in charge for promotion. Our competences cover all arising issues; the rest is up to the executive teams easily gathered by each partner in his field.

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