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A Platform For Food Distribution

GroceryX is a platform built for communities to have their own local system of food distribution - unreliant on massive transportation chains and corporate practices that waste billions of tons of food. GroceryX is a platform where farmers can regrow their profits, and communities can prosper.

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About GroceryX

Anthropogenic global climate change will effect every living organism on the planet, humans not excluded. Since the 1940s, our planet has already suffered a 1° Celsius increase of its global average temperature. The effects of this radical alteration are already evident around the globe. Icebergs the size of small nations break from the poles. Continuing sea level rise has flooded island countries in both the Pacific and Indian oceans and will create millions of environmental refugees by century's end. Glaciers recede and snowfall grows lower each year, causing water scarcity in river communities sustained by spring melts. Desertification and increased drought  steal arable land away from non-human organisms and human communities, forcing farmers off their land and exposing humans and animals to food shortages. The anthropocence is now. The sixth mass extinction in Earth's geological history is on the horizon and on our conscience. All these environmental problems, and many more that went unlisted, are directly caused by human burning of fossil fuels. A significant portion of fossil fuel emissions released annually are tied up with the production and transportation of food. In the United States and around the world, a few major agricultural companies aggressively lobby against restrictions on pollution or emission regulation. These same companies transport food across the continent, undercutting local growers and racing up the fossil fuel emissions associated with every calorie of food delivered. Food wasted in transport or on the shelves of major retailers often goes unused and is discarded; that food burns up our safe emission allowances and could have helped feed hungry families.

GroceryX hopes to be an integral part of the way to a more emission conscious food distribution system. GroceryX is a web and mobile platform that will allow users to find and frequent local farms and food sellers. Groceryx will solve the problem of food distribution by building a network of local communities that are interconnected and able to support themselves. No longer are the days of transporting your fruits and vegetables from across the globe. Users will be able to get food from their neighbors, or the closest farm. A token stipend will be given to every user once a month to facilitate the growth of the platform and to help feed the hungry. GroceryX will revolutionize the way we get our food.

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